How to Create More Joy In Your Life

I support people in clearing clutter so they can create more joy in their lives. I know I’ve struggled with finding joy at different points in my life. We’re meant to have fun and be in joy. When you see someone who is joyful, don’t you want to be like him or her? If you don’t have a lot of happiness, read today’s blog for tips to make it happen.


Sometimes people struggle with what brings them joy. Maybe they have had clutter so long in their lives they can’t even see beyond that to focuses on what makes them happy. Or perhaps when they were younger they were told what they should like and had their activities chosen for them and never really were able to explore what brought them joy.


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How to Find Happiness

If you don’t know what brings you enjoyment, how do you find it? Here are some suggestions.


Go back to your childhood. What did you enjoy doing? Use those as starting points and see if it something you would like to explore now. I used to love to walk the hill behind our house as a child. I love hiking and do it almost weekly with my husband.


Have you heard yourself say, “I want to do this someday?” Keep a running list when you find yourself thinking or saying this. Next, Make that someday now! Begin to explore. Maybe something you thought would be fun, isn’t. that’s okay. Keep looking. Make it a game and have fun!


If you aren’t sure if something would bring you delight, how does it feel when you think about it? Does it feel light? Do you get excited when you think about it? If so, give it a shot. If it feels heavy, or not right then pass. Be open that that feeling might change in the future.

Ask your friends that to you, look joyful on a regular basis. What do they do? How did they find their joy?


Consider creating a group to explore finding happiness together. With social media, you can meet a variety of people both locally and out of your area. Challenge each other to come up with ways and activities you can explore either individually or as a group.

Schedule Delight

Once you have figured out what brings you joy, schedule time to make it happen! Remember when we reduce clutter it allows us to concentrate on what is important and what brings us joy. We often live our lives on autopilot scheduling what needs to be done, but not what makes us happy. If you have to put off the laundry or the dishes, do it! Give yourself a chance to experience joy and happiness.


If you aren’t sure what brings you joy, then schedule a time to explore potential interests. Make sure that you don’t overschedule; you don’t want your joy to begin to feel like a “to-do” and more like a chore. If it starts to feel that way, stop scheduling and be spontaneous with bringing more joy into your life.

Takeaways from today’s blog:

  • if you don’t know what brings you delight, start exploring; look to your childhood; people you consider joyful; things that always looked interesting to you.
  • make time to practice what brings you joy or schedule time to explore what you think would make you happy; and
  • don’t forget the small things; they can bring you a lot of joy.


What brings you joy? What one step can you take right now to bring more joy in your life? What will you do on a regular basis to make you happy?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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