GOOD SELF CARE: Start Your Year Off Well!

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Good Self Care for the New Year!

Do you know how to have good self care when life gets stressful? Are you able to keep calm when someone pushes your buttons? How can you make different choices this year?

 I was inspired to write this blog because self care important, especially when life is busy and stressful. Some of us can really lose it when certain things happen and most of us don’t experience the picture-perfect life we all seem to dream about or portray on social media.


Make self care a priority this year!

My mom asked me forever when I was going to be married. Or about boyfriends or who I was dating. I didn’t get married until I was 44, so as you can imagine I had to have a conversation with my mother. She did it from a place of love, but it still upset me because I really did desire to be in a relationship. Luckily, it all worked out and I found my awesome husband. But, it still added to my unhappiness and stress.


Certain people or events not only trigger a lot of emotions, but they can also bring out some of our greatest spiritual challenges. It’s always a great time to do some self-examination and make some positive changes while sneaking in good self-care.


First, focus on what’s good. Where the attention goes the energy flows. Keep your focus on the positive. Will you slip up? Most likely, but focus on what you are choosing to create not the stuff that drove you nuts.

Second, become aware.

Know your triggers. If you easily get jealous of what people post on Instagram and Facebook, stay off social media! If your Mom going to ask you about a boyfriend, who can you text? Have a sibling that can run interference? Can you silently scream or hit a pillow?


How do you usually respond? How can you CHOOSE to respond differently?


Don’t beat yourself up. Focus on progress not perfection. It’s wasted energy when you go down that rabbit hole.

Finally, take action.

Awareness plus action = change. Having something in place makes a huge difference. When we are caught up in the moment and overwhelmed it’s hard. If you have made a plan, thought it through you have a better chance of being able to execute it.


  • Take time for yourself
  • Sit quietly
  • Close your eyes
  • Remember people, places and events that make you happy and evoke warm thoughts.
  • Breathe!
  • Baths or other personal self care routines
  • Ask for support


Have gratitude. This always puts me in a better mood because I’m reminded


Write down your self care plan and have it handy so you can review it often.


How will you take good self care this season? Who is your support team? What is your self care plan? Sign up for our newsletter to receive quarterly tips to declutter your life.


Go out clear some clutter to create the life you choose, deserve & desire!

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