Many times people don’t see the gift of sensitivity and are told that being too sensitive or emotional is “wrong”. I know I’ve been told multiple times that I’m oversensitive, too sensitive, and too emotional. In this video on the gift of sensitivity, I’m going to share all the positives as well as ways to embrace being sensitive and how you can create a plan to support you.

You can be highly sensitive or just “plain old” sensitive, but know that you’re not alone. It’s estimated as much as 20% of the population would be considered sensitive.

It’s my hope that after watching, you’ll embrace your sensitivity and see it as a gift. Let me know what you learned and what gifts you’ve found.

Take Actions from today’s podcast on the gift of sensitivity:

  • Contemplate the signs that you’re sensitive
  • Understand how you can making being emotional work for you
  • Create a plan to deal when you’re in situations that might overwhelm you
  • Tell family friends and colleagues how they can best support you
  • Think about all the gifts you have because if your sensitivity
  • Embrace your sensitivity
  • Pay attention if you’ve been feeling stuck for a long time
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