Read the first part of this blog on gaining emotional closure from November 25th.

If you do discover something about the emotional clutter, ask yourself what you would need to release it. Sit quietly and see what comes up.  Journaling also is very helpful.  If nothing does that is okay. Remember, it is a process. 

If you are struggling with releasing something, ask questions. Be curious. Don’t judge yourself.  When you have a regular mindfulness practice, you answers come more easily. I was trying to solve something. I was finding potential solutions, but it wasn’t quite right. Right before I fell asleep last night I heard a word and to Google it.  When I did that, I found my answer.


Moving Forward

Don’t fret if you aren’t getting anything. Maybe you aren’t ready to release something.  See if there is some other emotional clutter you are able to release easily.

Once you have found something you are ready to release, move forward and do something!  What one step could you take right away to move forward? Map out a game plan if that helps.  Send yourself a reminder each day of what you could do. For example, when I figured out I was really sad, I made sure I got extra self-care. I took the step of unfollowing the person on Facebook so I would not have the see them. While they were wrongly the focal point of my sadness, he still wasn’t a good friend. I felt a weight lifted like that was the final cutting on ending a relationship.  The reality is that we might run into each other because we are in the same town, but I can handle that because I have closure. I wont have an emotional breakdown or have to scream at them.


Finally, consider doing a rite of passage. How can you celebrate or get closure? Is it dancing away any remaining emotions with a solemn song followed by an uplifting tune that brings you joy and ready to embrace what comes next? Maybe you have a dinner party with your closest friends and you ask them to tell you funny stories about you, your strengths and what they love most about you. Or maybe you sit in stillness.

What could you do to also remove energetic clutter caused for closure?  You could do the Cord attachment I mentioned in mental clutter. You could examine your charkas for any stuck energy.  Sit quietly and ask where the energy is still being held. Ask for it to be removed.  Consider seeing a healer if you feel you can’t move by yourself.

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Take aways from both blogs on getting emotional closure:

  • If you are not ready to release and get closure on some emotional clutter, that’s okay. Don’t try to force something because you can always revisit it at a later date.  Maybe there is something else you are ready to release. Ask what that is. 
  • Taking action is key once you have discovered the emotional clutter you would like to have closure on.  Many times people don’t move forward and remain stuck because they don’t take action or steps to move forward. It is usually a process, so stick with it!
  • Be sure to give yourself extra good self-care and self-love.  It can be powerful releasing emotional clutter and while getting closure is helpful it can bring up lots of intense emotions. BE gentle to yourself in the process.

What rite of passage would you like to do?  What emotional clutter will you be getting closure on this year? Do you need to clear some energetic clutter, too? What steps can support you in moving forward?

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