Do you love Halloween but can’t find your decorations?  Would you like to feel less stressed and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal?  Is there one person that seems to spoil all the holiday cheer in December? 

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We have done fall and spring-cleaning, now it is time for holiday cleaning! We are going to focus on it all!  We are doing this early so you can enjoy the holidays and remember the reasons for the seasons!

Statics brain shared that annual Halloween spending on decorations is over 2 billion. Almost 50% of Americans decorate their house or yard.

The day after Thanksgiving has been dubbed “Black Friday” by retailers, and is the biggest shopping day of the year.

PewForum.Org: When asked what they like least about Christmas and the holidays, fully one-third of Americans cite the commercialization of the season, while 22% say they dislike the heavy expenses associated with the holidays, and 10% say they dislike holiday shopping and crowds. Smaller numbers lament the de-emphasis of the religious elements of the season (6%), garish decorations (3%) and the hectic pace of the holidays (3%).


First up, Physical.

There are lots of things we can talk about cleaning for the holidays, so I decided to concentrate on decorations. It has been my experience that this is where people create a lot of clutter.  Take the time now to go through all your decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice, Kwanzaa—whatever you celebrate in the next few months.

  • Locate EVERY decoration have. Comb each room, outside, basement, etc. Make sure you look even in places you don’t think have any decorations. Put them all in one room or area.  
  • Gathering everything is a great visual to show you how much you really have. When it’s in one pile you really can see how much you have,  instead of when it’s scattered everywhere and you can only guestimate.
  • Sort into categories: Halloween, thanksgiving, ornaments, lights, stockings… whatever makes most sense to you. Again, however it makes sense to you. Think about what you’d call something if you were going to look for it and get it out of it’s bin.
  • Go through once, and then again.  If this is really hard for you, I suggest taking a break and then going back to see if you can get rid of more, especially if you weren’t able to edit a lot of your collection.
  • Decide what to sell or donate.  Separate these out into two piles so you can easily take action once you’re done sorting and editing.
  • Pack what you are keeping into containers & clearly label. Try and find one area where you can store everything.
  • Make a master inventory list so you don’t go through every year. Post this list near or on your bins filled decorations.
Get-Ready-for-the-Holidays & Reduce-Holiday-Stress

Can you look to nature for decorations? Pine cones, threaded dried apples, gingerbread houses? We make and decorate Gingerbread houses every year.

Consider a swap with girlfriends if you are choosing a new look and don’t want to spend money. Make a party out of it and get a novel look this year for the Holidays.

Now is a also great time to have a garage sale.  Lots of people will have started to think about the holidays and snapping up bargains is something people are always up for. Get a little cash in your pockets for the holiday season.

How many decorations do you have? What steps can you take to declutter your holiday decorations? Are you open to having natural decorations? Want to do a decorations swap?

My Got Clutter? 365 Journal Prompt Book can support you to get ready for the holidays as well.

Got Clutter - Holiday Journal

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