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Julie Coraccio 0:03
Today on Clear Your Clutter inside now, we’re talking about clearing some health clutter free longing to feel healthy and vibrant. Do you need help being held accountable? Have you found yourself knowing you need to make some lifestyle changes, but not sure where to start? Learn about some items to support you in creating strong lifestyle changes. As we continue our month focused on products I love. You control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? Unclear your clutter inside now. We’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. Today’s episode was inspired. Because these products have really helped me. I want to age well. My health has been a priority. They’re a lot more stress than normal. And Noom and my smartwatch have helped keep me sane. I’m not an affiliate, meaning I don’t make any money. But when I get excited about stuff, I like to share it with you. And again, this is kind of a fun month for me to do things a little bit differently. You can look beyond health. And if you’re like, Hey, I’m in pretty good shape, think about this as perhaps giving you some suggestions for where you might be weak. If we aren’t strong in areas, having accountability helps us clear our clutter and makes us stronger. Even if you are in great shape, these might be able to help you in some way. Now doesn’t have to be these specific products. You might say, hey, noon doesn’t sound like the right thing for me. But maybe weightwatchers is something that would help you. So I hope that this gives you some things to think about. And you can do your own research and get something that can support you. For example, you might do just fine with a Health Journal, and I’m going to talk about one that I use. I’ve seen some that are super specific, like focusing on losing weight, focusing on exercise, focusing on I’ve seen him for weightlifting. My hope is today’s episode spurs you to take action towards better health. And again, maybe it’s just an accountability that you need to hear about. But for you, maybe that means sitting less, making a doctor’s appointment, eating better, getting some sunshine or drinking more water. Ah, so first up is new, again, not an affiliate. The biggest benefit for me, first of all new keeps me accountable. And a couple times when it’s been super crazy, and I haven’t logged my meals, my coaches like warning, Danger, Will Rogers you haven’t logged in what’s up. And so that’ll kind of spur me, I’m really looking at this from a place of grace, meaning that I’m doing the best I can I acknowledge that and I’m okay with it. And I have to be really don’t, I always have a choice. So I don’t say I don’t have a choice. But I’m compassionate enough with myself right now to just know that it’s all good. So I think probably for me, if you’ve been a longtime listener, you know that I talk about emotional eating. And that is probably been one of the biggest challenges in my life. And what Noom has done for me is it has helped me identify where my challenge and default note now I will share this and you probably might chuckle and be like really, Julie, that if I sit down and eat from the TV, and we don’t do that often. But you know, maybe on a Saturday night, maybe on a Friday night, maybe on a Sunday afternoon, I might have snacks, we’ll have a snack or something and be watching TV and I can make a whole bag of chips disappear. And so in one of them, I’m still learning they have all these mini lessons and I’m on level 200 something and they’re broken down. And throughout all these lessons. It is that was one of the things that had helped me identify that I completely go in pilot mode. Now probably part of me knew that but for whatever reason I had to have it laid out. I’m now on less than about emotionals motional eating, that’s what I would term it and how our emotions affect us and so coming up with a game plan like okay, knowing that I can stop take a deep breath and they have you do all these exercises. So one of the huge benefits for me has been not completely

preventing my rational meeting but I will say this because I’m in such an emotional time with My mother and there’s a lot of other stuff, family stuff going on health wise, it has been really stressful and God loved Kotti because she said, I want you, you know, how are you doing with everything that’s going on, and you need to make sure that you’re taking care of your health. So if I did not have noon, and the other things that I’m doing, I would be eating my way across America, because my default mode is to eat when I’m stressed. So this has been incredibly helpful to me during this challenging time in life. And so it is it’s been educating me it’s been helping me find my triggers and my, what I would call autopilot response that has been super helpful. It makes you be accountable by logging everything and so you log your meals and they have a database so that makes it super easy. And if you find something that isn’t in the database, you can add it which is great because it not only helps you but it helps everyone who’s in the system. It has helped me because I log exercise I have a smartwatch but I also x log it here water. That’s another thing I love that they ask and it’s super positive reinforcement, you know, like I joke danger Will Rogers but the coach is, is it’s positive reinforcement. It’s nothing no shame. No, you’re doing this wrong, no bad. I think that how they psychologically have just figured it out. And so I don’t feel guilt. I feel like oh, yeah, I gotta get back with this. Let me log my meals. Let me get back to my lessons. And so it has been great at keeping me accountable. And you know, another thing I would say where I was challenged is I had no clue about calorie. Yeah, I would know like, you know, something’s gonna be like a high calorie meal. But I couldn’t even say Oh, well that’s like a 2000 calorie meal as opposed to a 4000 calorie meal. And so it’s made me more aware of calories and between my smartwatch and neum kind of helping me gauge like how many calories are you really burning some bad guys so we got were mulch to get the house ready. And we got eight cubic cubic meters of malt and I’m guessing we probably needed six. So thankfully we did one day and then thankfully the second day our neighbor let us borrow his little it’s like a little dog, not a dolly it looks it’s shaped like a car but a wheelbarrow. But anyway, it’s a great like, you can lift it up and dump it anyway. And then he and his kids came over. They felt bad. They saw me at my sad little pace and helped us anyway. So we spread eight cubic meters of mulch. And that’s a lot. So anyway, super bummed because I bet you I broke 15,000 And my smartwatch froze. So I was not amused because I had mowed that day. And we’ve been doing all the small. But anyway, the mulch has been spread. And I put them down as exercise. And so they had a category of Other but to give me it gives me an idea of how many calories I’m spending, you weigh in and they explain you because I was like and you don’t want to weigh in everyday. But they explained to you and break that down why you want to do that. So it has been incredibly helpful. Now at the same time, I’m also doing you know, the sleep apnea thing, it has been now five weeks that I’ve been on the machine. And so I have to follow up and get my update because they add 30 days in 90 days. Let me know and we’ll let the doctor know where I am and so like at 1030 at night I’m tired but I’m not taking a nap. Now I feel like if you haven’t slept for 15 years and probably it’s gonna take your body a while to reap the benefits. So I feel like I’m slowly getting there. And then we’re still dealing with the thyroid. So having this accountability for my health and looking at my health opportunities and doing what I can and knowing you know what again, I’m looking this at the long race. My birthday is tomorrow I’m having a slice of cheesecake kids. I am doing it. I always have a slice of cheesecake on my birthday and Cheesecake Factory is where I’m getting it from we are I’m getting out of my comfort zone we’re going to do a zip line in this ropes course so if this is the last podcast you hear let did not make it back.

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Other thing that Noom does is they have a personal coach and a group coach. Because I do both of those. I’m a huge fan on it. Now the group is really going to depend on your group are they like, yeah, rah, rah, let’s all participate or not, so that you don’t have too much control over. But there are people all over the world in my group, which I think is is pretty cool. So like I said, when I hadn’t logged in, the personal coach followed up, I’ve told her where my challenges and struggles are, and she’s just been really good. And she’s like, you know, what thing, one thing can you do this week. So understanding that, you know what, right now this is, the only bandwidth I can do is if I can drink an extra God, or glass of water, or even one glass of water a day. So being very aware of that, and being

being able to do that. And so anyway, I love that they have the coaching option, because I found that beneficial. It’s accountable, the coaching, the educating you in the areas of nutrition, the psychology, it just to me is a really wonderful and easy to use app. So that has been one thing that I’ve used. And I’m tackling this in a couple of ways, because as I’ve said, this is where I’m weak. This is where I have learned Wow, you really have a lot that you needed to learn. But I need different things to be held accountable. So the other thing I have is smartwatch. Put that up I got from Costco, the Galaxy Pro two, I think it’s a Samsung. Now there’s a lot of things I was first of all bummed Tony could get a discount through work on the Apple Watch. But Apple, I couldn’t get an Apple Watch unless I had an Apple phone. I have an iPad, but I can’t have an iPad, you have to have the phone just to sell more products. Super annoying. I’m telling you Apple, I might go PC at one point. I’m not amused, though. Anyway, so then I was like, Oh, it’s on sale. Let’s get at Costco. Now. The first one died. But I’m on my second one. But luckily it died within that 90 day window. So I think I just got a bad apple, although did freeze the other day. And I wasn’t amused, but as a whole. I love it. And the guy came to power wash the other day. And he’s like, Oh, you have the same one. I haven’t seen anyone else with this. But it can do a lot. But what I use it for is it count steps. It tells me how many calories I’ve burned. It has a sleep option, which prior to getting the sleep apnea sheet, I’m like, I’m not getting any sleep. Because it Tretton again, is it gonna be as accurate as a sleep apnea test. Definitely not. But I believe it gives you enough information that if you’re to say, dang, I’m only getting three to four hours of sleep tonight and it goes in the quality asleep. You might say maybe I need to get this checked out by a doctor. I love that I can set reminders. It also reminds me when I’m sitting too long, which this has been superduper important. Because, you know if I’m at my desk, and I get if I work mode this morning, Tony said to me, yeah, this is the third time I’ve asked you, I’m like cuz I’m focused on something and I said when I get in that tunnel, so when I’m in that mode, bam, I can get up. And it’ll say and I have little stretches you do and you know your arm strategies, and it counts and so that has been really helpful. You can add the weather which I’m a weather nerd. So I just like that. You can do take calls and all that other fancy pants stuff. But I think for me, the biggest thing CLS show this so it shows minutes I’ve exercised and that’s the other thing so I was out doing the mulch this morning finishing that up and it was able to say oh, you’re exercising let’s count that so you can see a little heart so they’ve pink, green and blue so the blue are the number of hours I stay active. The pink is calories burn and the green is minutes exercise so we have a target for me to do every day. And because of this I’ve been hitting 6000 Steps most day So then you’ve got all these other little options and so like when I exercise although I messed up once and put swimming and I don’t know when I was hiking so it still counted something but and then it tells me the week you can see everything and how I’m doing and because I have this and be really curious on what the beach next week how I do with steps but you know, most of the time I’m getting at least 6000 steps and you know I read the 10,000 is kind of a generic number but I mean it’s something for me like always to strive for but I’m like if I’m getting 6000 steps in from what I’ve read, that’s pretty good. So this smartwatch has been another really great avenue for me to keep accountable and because you know I went to a paper planner this year I found font, it’s called the fox planner. No, you can’t see it. Well, let’s see, there you go, a little bit of it. So that’s the cute little fox and turquoise my new happy color. And so in this what they have, first of all, I like it for many reasons, but see, then I can. But you can see over here, so

it’s a little hard maneuver on the video, but so they have, I can write, it has little column so that I can keep track of habits and skills. So for me, that’s where I put exercise and water. And again, if I don’t get it in the new app that I had watered today, I’ve got it here, and that just makes it easier. Okay, all right mark down, you had water. And so that’s just another way to help me feel accountable. And it’s about developing these habits. And so these three things I really like and have helped me get healthy, I’m about down 10 pounds, I wanted to be more but again, given everything, and if the hypothyroidism that’s one of the big things that can prevent you from losing weight. So I think as we get does I do better is if I get sleep, I feel I’m feeling really good about stuff. And my goal for the year is 30. So we’ll see. But in general, I have to be happy with everything. And again, just to know, check in with your doctor physician, I’m doing that I’m moving forward, I just want to make sure that even if you have these things, or anything that you’re accountable for, maybe it’s you check in with a coach or you’re checking with your doctor. Just make sure that you are taking good care of yourself. And you know, this isn’t limited to losing weight, and better nutrition. That’s my focus. You know, if you aren’t sleeping, and you’re exhausted all the time, as my doctor said, I think you have sleep apnea. You don’t want to be outside because of allergies, or you’re sensitive to Sunshine. And that’s the time to talk to the doctor and take action. So those are my three products that I wanted to share today and that just have helped me. And you know, hopefully this gives you a springboard or a starting point and that you can find something again, I’m focused on health, but maybe you think hmm, if there’s an app like new maybe there’s an app to do whatever truthfully, there’s probably an app for it these days that can help you remain accountable can help you keep track of things, but these are some tools that have helped me and hopefully some options for your toolbox, or to get you started on finding what you do need. Take action from today’s podcast. acknowledge what health clutter you have. Decide on lifestyle changes you’d like to make. Consider what tools can help you remain accountable. Consult a doctor if necessary. Begin steps towards healthy living. On our next episode, we’re talking about confessing. Go out Clear Your Clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. Even enjoy Clear Your Clutter inside now. Please rate review and share us

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