Check out the first part of my blog where I talk a little bit about getting closure with physical objects.

Get Closure

How do you begin to get closure?

First, ask why you are holding onto something. Does the item make you happy or do you hold on because you wished things had turned out differently instead of actually how they did, such as a failed relationship? Are you holding on as an excuse to stay stuck and unresolved instead of moving forward? Are you avoiding loss and hoping to avoid the pain that comes with it? Are you afraid to let something go because you don’t know what the outcome will be or how you will feel? Or do you have guilt? Perhaps you weren’t kind to a relative who left you something and you feel you need to do penance.

Second, remember to act like a researcher or an archeologist here. It doesn’t do you any good to get angry at yourself, or beat yourself up, because you’re just spinning your wheels and wasting time.  Why you don’t always have to get to the WHY, it does help many people and makes getting closure easier.  Your point of power to change is in the present moment, so if you can figure out your why, it might make it easier for you to let go!

What Else?

Finally, honor your need to grieve or express anger or feel guilt. Our emotions are still there, especially on an energetic level, if we ignore or stuff them. When I finally let go of a relationship that wasn’t right for me, I howled for 20 minutes. When I finished I was done. I knew at that moment I had received closure. I felt all the range of emotions that it didn’t work out. What I had been holding onto was gone. I no longer felt the need to hold on and released my fear of never finding anyone. After that, I was able to let go of the last few physical items from the relationship.

How about you? What steps do you need to take to get closure? Scream, cry, punch, kick? Have a burning bowl ceremony? What do you need to do to honor your emotions so that you can move forward?

What or who do you need to get closure with? What physical closure do you need to have happen? How will you honor your need for closure?

Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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