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Blame accordingly.

I watched the Tony Robbin’s documentary “I am not your guru”. I can’t remember if those were the exact words he used. I loved what he was talking about and chose to share.

Tony was abused by his mother. He explained if he had to blame her for all the bad things in his life, he also had to blame her for all the good things. Because he was abused he vowed that he would support as many people as possible. Had he not been abused, he might not have become the successful man he is.

I prefer to call it looking for the golden nugget because my mentor taught me this and it resonates with me. I chose to share both hoping that either or will resonate with you.

Looking back on my life, the person that hurt me the most put me on my path to healing. I became aware I had a victim mentality and wasn’t taking responsibility for my life.  I found a program to begin my journey. This led to my current path of consciousness. It’s tough work and at times I feel like quitting. However, I have experienced magic and can’t imagine to going back to a life of being unaware.

Had I not begun my deep inner work, I might not have met my husband. I can’t even imagine Tony not in my life. No Tony, no Joey and the discovery of the awesomeness of cats. No Joey, no Antonio. A life without cats? Never!

The last professional job I had was the worst I had since holding jobs from the age of 14. It was a toxic, dysfunctional environment and I was not treated well. If I had never experienced this, I would have never had the courage to start Reawaken Your Brilliance. Creating my own business has had too many benefits to mention here but they include getting over my fear of public speaking, travel and meeting many wonderful people.

Blame accordingly.

Find the golden nugget.

What nugget can you find today?

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