Change Your Space Change Your Life with Feng Shui & Declutter

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Change Your Space Change Your Life and Clear Energetic Clutter

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Learn why you should release clutter as a first step in Feng Shui and how changing your space can change your life!

Shelley Sparks of Harmony Gardens shares Feng Shui tips and more to help you declutter your life!

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Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and can prevent you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve.  We discuss clutter in all its forms: spiritual, emotional, mental & physical and provide tips for clutter free living and how to organize your life.   We’re thinking outside the box on areas where people might not realize where clutter is blocking them.  When we remove clutter from our lives we can discover our passions, lead the extraordinary lives we are all meant to live and share our gifts with the world.


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Welcome to clearing the Clutter inside and out with Julie caraccio every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Julie interviews experts on all areas of clutter physical mental emotional and spiritual learn easy to implement steps on how to release clutter and get organized to create the life you choose deserve and desire and award-winning professional organizer and Coach Julie also share suggestions to help you live clutter-free for a more. Joyful and fulfilling life. Do you let go of clutter but then at no time its back to the way it was do your books on releasing clutter and getting organized collect dust on a Shelf. Do you know you need to dig deeper on releasing clutter but keep getting stuck are clearing the Clutter inside and out releasing and affirming MP3s support you in all areas of your life physical mental emotional and spiritual learn more at reawaken your Brilliance. Com. Were opening up the archives for an interview from reawaken your Brilliance. This is a general discussion about feng shui learn how changing your space can change your life. Show me Sparks is a funk shui expert license landscape architect author lecture and passionate Gardner through the practices of feng shui and landscape design. She creates her and beneficial qualities to a clients business and garden environment and healthier lives benefit all that. We were late to and help heal the Earth. She is author the books secrets of the land designing harmonious Gardens with Feng Shui. Thank you for having me for the most Shellys going to be able to show and tell. Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement. So it helps you to arrange your environment to bring the best results possible for yourself. So good luck many times people contact me to because their love life is in is in distress, or theyll contact me if theyre theyre having problems with money or or sometimes just family issues and and environment you can help to smooth the path for things to go much better in your life. Now, can you talk about the basic principles of feng shui and the reading of the first punch by person Ive talked to is clearing. The Clutter is a basic principle of Fung shway Yeah, you know it is a clearing clutter is really really important. Not thats actually one of the tips that I was going to offer in terms of the three things that you could do today to help your life. But but its much much more than clearing the Clutter not everybody lives in clutter. Theres many people that I that I work with and theyre home. So just you know, totally uncluttered and then theres people that I know that have a certain amount of clutter and its okay. So its its really about balancing your environment. So Francis on a very very basic level if your home is too dark you need to lighten it up. If your if all of your rooms are colored white, then you need to add some some color to it because thats your thats where youre living. Not only reflects you but it also shapes you so if if youre not living in a balanced environment your life can become unbalanced. The balance is already from chat question from do you think astrology or numerology play a part in couples getting along and connected and I would add on to that. Is there any astrology numerology? Yes in with feng. Shui feng shui is Chinese its its basis is in from China start about 6,000 years ago. So most of what is used is balancing elements and what I found is that when Im working with a couple Im working to help balance their elements as well as their Chinese animal. So Im looking at those kinds of things dont use A lot of numerology. There are some things that are associated with numbers in feng shui, but not really not very strongly at the surface Summit. Okay, so that would be more if you were getting I guess more complicated or perhaps if you had a house that had a lot of issues I had to bring out the big guns type of deal. No, not not really in terms of numerology not so much really not so much that it gets into more that gets into a little more of the esoteric side of Fung shway and I dont use that that often when Im doing analysis really what when Im working with people. Im looking at the chi of the house that the energy is a house the energy of the land around them and their own personal energy. So sometimes You know people are depressed or anxious or scattered. Theres a lot of different ways that people perceive themselves to the world and sometimes thats not to their best benefit. And so sometimes Im working to give them some personal advice on on shifting some of that energy to change your personality certainly not but just to again bring you back into balance account standing. So I think you did earlier how the principles of feng shui are applied. So if that means if the house is white bring in color or if its very dark bring in light, or see if youre working with a client thats depressed. How would you bring in the principles that way? Its a pit. Its going to depend on the particular person. So in that if a person is depressed, Ill give them a personal energy booster an exercise homework to do that will help to shift their energy from depression is light. I might give them some meditations to do will look at their rooms their home and see whether we need to rebalance the colors because sometimes people are depressed and theyre living in dark environments and then that has to be changed so that they can it can help to ship their energy and that can hold sometimes Ill give people some advice on colors colors of clothes to wear to help shift their personal energy. If someones never had a funk shui consultation you walk in the door. Do you have a diagram of their house to have them look like you have a diagram of of their house but often times people are really its very difficult for them to do it. Its its a its a very good thing if I can have that but it doesnt always happen. Luckily. We weve got Google Earth and I could actually get a really good deal for the house just from looking at Google Earth. Looking at the relationship of the street to the house and looking at the you know, if there is a view of the front of the house so I can see a lot just from that and come in prepared. Some of the stuff is intuitive and some of it is, you know, is is are things that you can bet anybody can look at and tell so Yeah, so thats thats it. So when when when I come in, I like to get that I also like to ask people whats going on in their life and where they want where they see themselves being or what they want for themselves in the next year. If if theyre in a lot of distress if theyre just doing the consultation to improve their life. I might ask them what they want to have in the next 5 years so I can get a bigger picture and we can have a roadmap to give to give them so that we can think about the different areas of life that they want to improve and we can and I can offer them solutions to to help smoothie energy in those directions. Try to concentrate maybe a say okay, we can look at maybe career and thats thats free truth. The first thing I do when I go into a house is I actually look for the the blocks. I look for what might be impeding energy or where energy is leaking that. Thats really has to be addressed no matter what the situation you know what the people want or what they dont want that those kinds of things have to be addressed. If they have, you know, then from there. I look at the different areas that that they might be interested in so well for career relationships or children or family or you know Can you give an example to me literally were energies leaking? Like if the front door needs to be sealed or youre looking at from a fungswae perspective? So for instance, if your front door and a back door lineup, then the energy comes in the front door and leaks right out the back and you know, and thats that creates a lot of difficulty maybe good things will come your way but then theyll kind of slip right out the back door. Okay, thats a great example of money will come but youll get spent or you know, emergencies will come up and itll just go. Okay. Well go home and look at my doors tonight. I dont say but Im not 100% exactly front door in California. Everybody wants to look out their back door. They want to look and see their beautiful backyard. So you walk in the house and there you see the Panorama view of the backyard and theyre sliding glass doors and We Energies just zipping, right, you know right through the house, you know, a lot of times people is I know this whole thing of energy is kind of weird. So what I what I tell when Im teaching what I tell my classes is if you think how how wind or water would move through space then you can understand how energy moves through space. So if you know there was a great wind storm and the you know, it came through the front door that when we go right out the back door. Thats the path the path of least resistance for it. But if you have a space that is, you know more contained its going to move through the space and, you know kind of nurture everything in its path outstanding now and remind everyone if you have a question for Shelly Chad, and Im happy to ask her you can call at 919-518-9773 or Skype computers to Cave houses Garden. We can Funk shui houses Gardens. Businesses, and of course so really honestly you can one of the tools I know youre interested. Theres right behind me here. There is a diagram that says fagua to diagnose a home. Its not the only tool but it is one of the tools and and you can use that tool on a lot on a house on a room on a bed on a table or desk. So there it can it can go from a macro to a micro diagnosis. It can even you know, its even been used on a body or face. FedEx request do you want to talk about I was going to ask about the different schools of feng shui. I will tell you about the school to fengshui because thats thats a really really important thing for people understand a lot of times what happens is that theres a confusion because there are different schools in feng shui and there are different ways that people would practice this art. So the school that I I was trained in the school that I ultimately received many years of training was the black sect tantric Buddhist School of feng shui, so its called Phoebe and it was headed it was headed by as oleen is Grandmaster Lin Yun so that is its a school that that he founded in order to help people really that that was his complete and soleiman the world and and but theres there are other schools that are considered to be more traditional for instance the compass school that is is considered to be a more traditional school or the form School of feng shui thats considered to be a little more Traditional School of funk shway so if for instance I will use a bagua where a compass School person will bring out a compass that actually has the forms of the bagua on it but theyll diagnose a home based on that so there are differences and differences of approach to it and When I tell people when Im when they ask me what school you know, who should I have diagnose my fengshui and what I tell people is wherever you find whoever seems to be the most comfortable for you is where you should be because youre going to found my colleagues in other schools have gotten great results as well. So thats it. Just kind of trust your intuition on it. Exactly. So can we talk a little bit about the bog area have more weight than going on in the center and small colorful this all colorful. So if you look at the bagua, Im just not not quite sure which way I need to start right there. So you can see different colors of lets see if I can Im going around a little bit so I can see what I hear there are different colors and what the different colors do is you can use those particular colors as a cure or an adjustment or way to increase the energy in different areas of your home. And again the bagua just a little reminder. I know this is a lot of information to throw at you, but the Agua can actually be used to diagnose home. And then also it could be used to diagnose a room. So it it can be it can be shifted around depending on what your needs are particularly. So when when Im doing diagnosis of a home and Ive had clients who wanted me only to spend an hour there and so what am I going to do? Im going to go directly to their bedroom and Im going to start diagnosing the funk shui in their bedroom because you spend the most time in your bedroom that is you know, that would be the place that if youre going to make just changes in one space, that would be the place to do it. But if youre doing it the box of the bagua has a number of different areas so you can see like the black area at the bottom is the career area. So the color there is black and then as you move up to the blue area is knowledge. So no career is pretty self-explanatory. Its your its your Life Path. Your journey on knowledge is your can include things like what your ability to learn things your ability to understand things, but it also include your wisdom and your understanding of the world. The next area up. The green is the area of family and that includes all of your ancestors and very important consideration because they are the ones that gave you the support to be who you are today. When we move up into the Shelf areas are the most popular areas of the bagua. The first one to purple is the wealthy area that governs good luck and money the next area. Where is is the is the area of Fame? So thats red and that thats thats what people think of you as the result of what you do in the world. Are you famous? Are you infamous? And the next area is the area of relationships. So Marriage Partners business Partnerships that kind of thing the color there is pink a sounds appropriate. The next area is the area of the white area is the area of children. So as the family governance everybody that is your ancestor the the children covered all your descendants and also in a business sense your sometimes people ask me will what is family or children have to do with business the family area governs your relationship with everybody thats older than you and the children. Are you would govern every every relationship with people that are younger than you And then then the last area of the bagua the bombings in Guam inspections. So weve got eight sections as the eighth one. This is the area of helpful people it governs, you know, like help that comes as if from Heaven, you know, just kind of drops in your lap and it also governs the area of travel. The center area is is not considered to be a Gua but is the coming together of all the other sections and therefore you see the Tai Chi symbol of balance in it, because if you know, if you if you have a good centered balance than everything else kind of work pretty well the center governs the areas not covered by any of the other eight areas most notably health and the result of good health longevity. Fantastic, can you talk a little bit or Windchimes apart of funk? Shui are there any like wind chimes feng shui? Yeah, you know those what that is is there theres a cure so in order to In order to effect a change in terms of funk shui. Youve youve got to if were looking to change energy. Its its theirs. Its a lot of energy that would be involved and just holding a change. So often times we use things like crystal balls or wind chimes or will use the money frogs or thinks are Chinese coins, and those things can hold the energy once you set your intention. If if theyre placed in the right area, so sometimes Ill use crystal balls for instance to shift energy. So, you know that situation that I was talking about with the front door blinds right up with the back door. What a crystal ball can do is it can it can take and Fracture the energy and spread it so that it doesnt slip right out the door. That makes sense that absolutely makes sense and their lifes romantic relationship. So you have some basic suggestions. I know you would obviously youre saying if if I can I would like to give you an idea of what how you actually use the bagua and then its going to make what Im going to say next will make a lot of sex affect Okay, so In order to place the bagua. We could say that so if you look at a property, Im going to do it on a property first and then Ill kind of show you on the house to pay if you divide your property up into 9 equal sections. So if your properties longer these sections are going to be longer if your property is shorter. These sections are going to be shorter could be narrow. It doesnt matter, but just 9 equal sections. And then you find where the biggest entry is in this case in a lot. It would be the driveway. Thats whats called the mouth of chi is where energy enters. So if you then I want you found where the where the driveway entrance on the property. over here you put that helpful people career. And knowledge area right across the front. The middle section will have the family. the center and the children and in the back where is protected are the well Fame and relationship. Whats that means effectively is if youre using this. If you walk into a room and you stick your hand out to the far corner on the right side. Thats a relationship Corner. Okay. That into a room or even into a house. So what you can do all so, you know Google Earth. I just often will take a picture from the Google Earth. And this is the house. I just taking this picture off my computer today divided into 9 equal parts. I know the entry is here. So that career areas right here in the center. And the relationship Corner would be right on the the far right as you walk in. Okay, if Im standing at that door, its the far-right corner fantastic record this so if youre a little overwhelmed you can go back and review until you get it has amazing relationship. So it what what do you what would you want to put in a relationship in area? You could a single woman? Oftentimes what Ill do is all suggested she get some pictures of the most successful and loving couples that she knows in her life and put it in a relationship area. Thats her finishing for what she wants for herself. Boring that you know, you might put a picture of Brad and Angelina are you know, they think has a great relationship in that corner. So, you know when youre talking about just Reawakening your brilliant. This is part of it giving yourself a vision for your future thats going to be really positive. Its going to be wonderful thats you know, we all have the birthright of having a wonderful life a good relationship abundance love, you know, everything and I agree with you 100% so they could put a picture of a couple that they admire that they know personally or if not maybe someones They seized but just it represents a positive relationship for them and if they dont If theres other options, you know, you can you could put a pink quartz crystal in that corner. Thats thats if you look at almost any book about pink or should know that it represents love and wonderful, you could put you know, you could put a growing plant in view that that you know that a relationship will grow in that corner. Theres you know, you could put light if its not light enough. You know a lot of different options, thats fantastic. Could you maybe give us I would say if we hit on may be either career abundance her house or give a few suggestions those seem to be the big three the people seem to be interested in or anything else that you suggest. Okay. Yeah career career and well probably the best cures for that would be fountains. Money in the Chinese binocular represents water in the Chinese vernacular represents money. And when when water is Flowing it represents swing water coming into you your house. So if you can place a fountain and in your career area, and even another fountain in your wealth area that can be really positive for you in terms of what it can produce and again, you know, one of the one of the most important things that you can do is really bishan for yourself what you want for your financial future the times that I have had the biggest leaps and turns of the abundance had been when I have had very strong vision. not what I not what you cant do Visions based on your goals. Because we all have impediments to what we think we can have. So you really need to do your visioning based on what you want? I love that. I think that thats really important and I just really quickly can I dont believe we mention this but is a cure something a problem solver. Can you tell us just really quickly with accurate accurate? Theres a couple of different things. I called them both curious and enhancements. Cuz sometimes sometimes you really do need to cure something, you know, you need to secure, you know, just like I was describing to doors or are often. You got the Cure that in order to prevent continuing leaks of energy. So that would be for the purpose of curing it but you could use that same crystal in order to attract energy to a space so suppose. You dont want to put a picture you dont want. Rock crystals you did you want something, you know relatively small you can use a crystal ball in your in your relationship corner. You know, theres theres I mean, theres certain things that you wouldnt be in Duke at interchange like for instance a wind chime. Sometimes a wind chime Anna and a crystal ball can be interchangeable and sometimes they can okay Windchime actually, it can help to shift energy in a lot of different ways but it also represents a voice. So so where you need a boy say say your your career is a little bit stagnant and you need to have You need to have more people calling you calling your business you want attention. How do you get your voice out into the world? You can use a wind chime wind chime in the career area would be really great. Okay. Fantastic. Im going to go home and put a wind chime in the career area or even the front door is a really good thing. Okay. Well, I guess thats really good advice. Can you tell some do you have any suggestions as head of Finance? Weve hit on relationships maybe health is another area made some suggestions. Yeah, because that was all right. Yeah Health gets a little bit more complex. Okay, because theres many different things that it can affect hell but looking at the center of your house, it is an important exercise the center of your house and the center of your bedroom would be really important. So You know you you would want to have you dont want to have a lot of clutter in the center. Thats one thing you want to be sure of then you might need some specialized help in that in that area. Depending on what your problems are. How does get more complex in trying to give basic economy for X Y and Z if they will all your in Los Angeles to bring me something something or you know, the on the flip side of that people say will you know, theres theres people that you know, would normally that I would normally expect to support me and theyre standing in my way. Theyre jealous there this there that so the fame area is another really good spot to hang a wind chime again. Call your boys out to the world. Expand your voice into the world. Fantastic. How do you use Im really curious about this. How do you use feng shui landscaping or can you message a lot earlier? So say someone was considering the house. How would you use it in those instances? Well, you know, theres theres theres a lot of theres a lot to it. But but you can use the colors, you know in a very basic sense, you can use the colors you can use specialized of course fountains, you can use use things that attract animals or Birds to particular areas to help expand the energy but a lot of stuff that goes into that you need to you know, you want a site the house properly for instance. Whats whats proper? Whats not Prosper if you have a house thats enough you have a big lot in your house. Is that way at the back then its harder for the Surgery to get to you. So, you know you want to be careful on where the house is actually place and then whats the relationship we can get into a lot of a relationship to the streets? Fantastic Funk shui in the garden so that its a really good basic attention more than a basic book. It really helps people to understand the basics of feng shui and the basics of landscape design. So yeah gives you kind of Anaya to world. Okay, so we have a question here for you Shelly and I want to take it from chat not want to remind everyone you have a question for Shelly chat or call 919-518-9773 or Skype computer in your room according to feng shui not sure. What kind is this true? Can you clarify? Yes. Yes, almost every school will tell you that theres theres not too many schools that that would violate that rule the reason the reason is and then and this is not to say that what was that actually means is that if you are right in the doorway and your feet are pointing towards the doorway thats really bad luck is it is the where it comes from? Instead its the position that they put people that have died in leave. So it bad luck. A question using a crystal ball, which is awesomer examine your energy things like candles or essential oils and candles fire elements are all really good in the fame area. So if you want to light a fire under your reputation, that would be a good spot for so that thats good essential oils. I mean, I love essential oils. I think, you know, if you can educate yourself on box flowers and all that kind of you know, and and and the different scents and what they can do for you I see. That it was only going to help in terms of hell. I think that thats a really good Avenue for people to explore. Okay, fantastic, Someone trained to become a funk shui consultant. Is there a certification process how does that work in a different people and different schools have different methods in China? As I said, we began in China probably dated four to six thousand years ago and it was always considered to be a secret art. So what my master said to me is that there would be one mouth and two ears and that would be the way it would be taught and you would study with a master for Many many many many many years before you would even begin to practice that has changed here in the west were very open about things and in my my master was one person that actually did, you know began that he talked publicly and and he taught many people and I spent 20 years studying from him. And probably dont know is half of what he thought. but there are some schools that do certified certification. There are some schools and different schools have different programs. Some of them when I first started to practice fengshui, it was like a one-week class and then I started practicing my hair has been quite thinking about what I did to my first client I learned from them. So, you know, its and Ive had people call me and ask me, you know to do a consultation and you know, and then Ill ask me a question. $0.05 Hisense and sometimes people arent quite ready for more advanced, you know Advanced professional on refrigerant to people that have less experience but you know still are very confident. Its just thats thats part of it, but theres different schools. Theres different teachers. Theres different levels of ability, you know, people come into Funk shui from different places. Absolutely. Okay. No, thats great. Thank you was got a question here before. I I lost my train of thought I was going to ask you when we have a question pop up on chat. Bob wants to know why her mirrors are not good in the bedroom for pinion yoke a different schools have different opinions. There are some schools that that that say absolutely no mirrors in the bedroom that comes from a Chinese folk custom that says that if you have a mirror right across from your bed when your soul Lease out at night to Wanderers. Its scare itself and come back into your body and you wont get your proper rest. Thats thats a particular philosophy and point of view. And and its the ballad one and sometimes sometimes Ive had clients where Ive asked them to put mirrors in the bedroom and they dont like it and then you know, thats not right. So whatever, you know, what if if youre not comfortable with having mirrors in the bedroom, then you shouldnt have them in bedroom, but I will often recommend mirrors in the bedroom for different cures if theyre necessary. Okay, fantastic. I remember what my earlier about kind of trusting your intuition when working with the Fung shui consultant, perhaps not focusing so much on the school, but how you felt working with the consultant at the wanted to get free emphasize that cuz I thought that was a really good point. Can you share may be a success story of the name them but maybe give some examples for people and how fengshui help your clients lies. Oh man that, you know, actually Julie that is the most exciting part of doing this work the most incredible part of doing this work. I had I had a client last year. Maybe it was probably 2 years ago who had a kidney stone and he is doctor told him he needed surgery and his wife called me and said I would you know, can you help and I gave him a cure and it within 3 days. He passed the kidney stone and didnt have to have surgery. Wow. Yeah, that was pretty amazing. And you know Bens later on he actually develop cancer and An advanced cancer and hes cancer-free today. Hes went through treatment and I think that together with the cures that Ive given him and the work that hes done on himself have really contributed to his good house today. Thats outstanding. I could someone use feng shui get pregnant or is that oh, yeah. I have several fengshui babies. Mama do anything that you know anything I can help in that area? So thats good to know ya me to question. Would you be able to do you scroogle Earth? I think thats so smart. And I would have never thought to do that. But could you do a consultation via Skype? Oh, I do I do Ive done Ive now done probably a dozen count consultations via Skype. Its great. I love it. You know theres a small element that is lost in being in the environment because you know my body. Yeah, I can feel things sometimes when Im in the nun virement that gets that doesnt always translate in terms of a Skype interview. Theres a lot I can see that that claimed it was just talking about She had this is really interesting because you would ask me about diagrams and my client had drawn me a diagram when they first moved into this house and and I went through and gave her cures based on the diagram that she said. Well, you know when her husband got sick we decided it would be better if we did a Skype interview and she showed me through the house and I was high surprise. Oh, I didnt know that door was angled and no end and people draw with a they think they see in you know, like Im Im Im not a trained architect license landscape architect. So I have I pay attention to architectural details and often times people. Just dont know how to pay attention. To those kinds of things and so theyll draw a door that looks like its straight across when its really on an angle and that can make a huge difference. Okay, interesting person or professional relationship with someone. Okay. This is someone I want to have on the show or not. Cuz I had just have to feel it and go with my gut so I think thats a really really important tool what three things could people do today to change the energy energy in their house and make it a luckier space. Do you have some suggestions for that? I do so You saw that I was talking about the mouth of chi thats where energy comes into your home. So that on a lot that is your driveway. But in your house, its your front entry and a lot of people dont realize how important a front entry is. Some people. I had one client who had his front entry nailed. Shut up. I was wondering why he couldnt why wasnt getting movies produced. So so, you know, if thats where the energy comes in its very important. So what I I like to tell people is to dress up that front entry make it make it look like dressed up as somebody you really admire and even worship was going to come to visit you the most because most important person actually that can come visit you as you and you need to have your energy at your front door really read as if its you its your personality is there your because thats the way energy comes in if it feels welcome it comes in and flourishes in your home thats number one okay number to I would say clutter Spider does not mean that you left a glass out overnight on your sink clutter, you know, Ive been in homes where my client had to make a path for me to move through the house thats clutter. Thats really bad clutter. If you have a heres what I say clutters anything you dont love anything you dont use or anything thats in the wrong place. So I did a consultation couple weeks ago for a client and I went into her living room and displayed were all of these beautiful old clocks and I said all my bills are just great and she said you want some take them they belong to my mom and she made me promise that I would, you know, take care of them. And I told her she just wanted to be remembered and that struck a chord with her and she said okay, you know, I dont need to have them all here. You know that that wasnt her it wasnt her. You know, personality wasnt her being and she was doing it in service of you know a request from her mother. Thats not a good enough idea of a good enough reason to keep things around in your environment. The third thing I would say is. 2 Go home and pretend youve never been in your house before I know its really hard to do. Thats one of the most important things that I do is a funk. Shui consultant is come in with brand new eyes, you know if I hadnt asked about clocks, I wouldnt have known that she really didnt like them. and that she was just living with them because her mom asked her to so try and look at your home with new eyes look and see whether the books that you have on your shelves youre ever going to read again. if not Give him a way make room for new knowledge to come into you. Look at the artwork. Is it still you or is it something that you loved, you know, 20 years ago, but you know, youve just kind of gotten used to it. If its no longer you it really shouldnt be there. You have to make room for the new you. I love that another couple questions Shelly. I like to ask each guest at the end of the interview. The first is someone might be suffering from depression going through divorce lost their job. What advice would you have for them? You know, its its really its hard to go through those situations in life, but theyre always temporary. You have to have the patience. You have to have understanding and you have to you have to have vision of where you want to be not doesnt mean you no pining or feeling bad for where you are, you know, you really have to accept where you are because thats where you are, you know. But you also want to have a vision for where? Your life can go from here. So my teacher used to say that when bad luck comes to its full fullest point, then the good lucks just around the corner. I like that. I like that whether its a first thing in the morning. Tonight do a gratitude list. I like thats a wonderful exercise and it it reminds us why you know how much we have, you know is a lot has a lot of our troubles are stem from our point of view and if we can really be grateful for all that we have been more is coming. I love that. I think its wonderful to Shelley. I put up its Harmony Gardens. Net repeat find out more information. But please tell us is your book available near do you have any upcoming classes? What good stuff is going on with you? Yeah I have right now. I dont have a lot of cap classes coming up in my neighborhood. But my book is available on Amazon is available on my website and and on my website, youll find great information about feng shui got lots of great blogs and newsletters that Ive done a really very great guides for you. My book is a great resource and I would love for it to find a home in in your in your library. And so shall I can you just give that name to us again? Your books. Yes, its secrets of the land. designing harmonious garden with Feng Shui Okay, Im going to type that in for everyone but if they go, do you saw it all on Amazon but also their perfect secrets of land grapeshot perfect. We could do that really? Well get it at Amazon or go to Shelly site Harmony Gardens. Net and perfect will thank you. This was eye-opening and Ive got lots of stuff. I need to check out when I get home and call Julie. It was really wonderful. Thank you so much for having me on I really appreciate it that its I see how your site really helps people and Im so very grateful for that. You know, thats what its really all about. It isnt thank you so much. That means the world to me and Im just sorry I didnt get to know you when I lived in La for 10 years and you look good. But then at no time its back to the way it was do your books on releasing clutter and getting organized collect dust on a shelf. Do you know you need to dig deep on releasing clutter, but keep getting stuck. Are clearing the Clutter inside an L releasing and affirming MP3s support you in all areas of your life physical mental emotional and spiritual learn more at reawaken your Brilliance. Com. Thanks for tuning in to clearing the Clutter inside and out sign up for our newsletter and receive a free copy of 10 clutter-free living tips ready to create the life. You choose deserve and desire learned about Julies coaching eBooks online monthly de-cluttering classes how to organize your life office hours of Free Living Mastermind at reawaken your You can also watch all episodes on YouTube or download on iTunes and more join us next Tuesday at 1 p.m. Remember the Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one step.

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