Today on the Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out blog. I’m tackling emotional clutter by feeling our feelings.

Feel Feelings

Do you avoid your feelings? Are you afraid to express your feelings for fear of what others may say? Do you think you have dealt with an emotion around an event only for it to pop up later? Read as I offer tips to clear clutter through feeling!


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This is one of those blogs for me that I hope you are able to do this in some way, shape or form. Working on feeling my feelings has had a huge impact on my life. If you’ve listened to my earlier episodes, I talk a lot about emotional eating which is something I have struggled with for years. This is one of the things that is helping change that for me.

Why You Avoid FeelingsYoud

You avoid some feelings because they don’t feel good—grief, loneliness, heartbreak, and outrage. Other emotions that we create through the stories we tell ourselves, such as guilt, shame, depression and emptiness, aren’t fun either.


Who wants to feel yucky feelings?


Research has shown that suppressing or avoiding your emotions, in fact, can make them stronger. So, if you are sad because you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend but want to avoid feeling sad, you may watch funny TV shows and movies or act as if the break up didn’t occur.


The sadness is still present in your mind and in your body as we store emotions—everything is energy. Something minor may cause you to fly off the handle. Even if you were avoiding sadness, it may come out as anger. Suppressing emotions is your body’s way of protecting you during trauma; emotional release in a non-traumatic situation is your body’s way of protecting itself from further damage and releasing stuck emotions.

How feeling our feelings Supports Us

While it isn’t fun to feel unpleasant feelings, they actually help us. They intuitively know if something is wrong, like cancer. Many people will express they knew something was off in their body but chose to ignore what they were feeling.


If we check in with ourselves, our feelings let us know if we are not on the right path. At a fork in the road with your career? Check-in with how you are feeling about the choices.


They also alert us if something is dangerous. I ignored my feelings and was a victim of a violent crime. I do a lot of journaling and about a year after it happened, I discovered I had written about it. I noticed that something was off, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. By not being in touch with my feelings I suffered harm.


By feeling our feelings we can see where we need to create boundaries and whom we let into our life. They help us learn to say no and have better self-care.


What feelings have you been avoiding? Do you know why you’ve been avoiding your feelings? How can feeling your feelings support you?

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