Winter is coming. That’s my best Stark voice for all you Game of Thrones fans. Because winter is coming, fall is a great time to clean not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m going to cover all these areas as well as a new one!

In the second part of the blog, I’ll share tips for fall cleaning outside and cleaning tips inside.

Fall Decluttering

First, if you didn’t do any Decluttering over the spring or summer, now is a great time to clear some clutter and get settled for shorter days and longer nights. Every client I work with is given a clutter free living maintenance plan because if we don’t keep up with the work, it will go back to the way it was and clutter will accumulate. The changing of the seasons are a great reminder to declutter.

We tend to want to hunker down when it gets colder. See if you can practice not buying and bringing more stuff into your home—stop it before it starts. If you declutter and then buy more stuff to refill your home, you are back to square one before you know it.

If you can’t do an overhaul of everything, here are some suggestions that can have a big impact. If you listened to my spring cleaning podcast, work on areas that you didn’t declutter in the spring.

Clothes. Release clothes you didn’t wear in spring or summer. Take the time to try on fall clothes and let go of what no longer fits, you don’t like, or that still have tags on them. This is a big area where people get stuck, so if you can check twice a year, you will be ahead of the game.

More Tips

Files. Great time to go through professional and personal files. Check out They have many manuals online and that can lighten your filing lode as manuals tend to be pretty thick. The 80/20 rule is especially true here. Be ruthless. Check with your lawyer, accountants, work for retention guidelines.

Now is also a great time to start gathering and organizing receipts for taxes if you haven’t done so already. When I was living in LA I was a personal assistant. I will never forget taking a bag full of receipts into the accountant. I was mortified. She was like no worries, I will get paid to do this. She probably paid someone $10 an hour while charging her hourly rate to the client. Decluttering and organized does save you money!

CDs/Tapes/Video. I include this because I recently went through many of these. Yes, I am from the mixed tape era. With mp3s and all the electronics, these may be a thing of the past. If you have these, go through them.

Computers. Speaking of mp3s and other electronics, our computers can become a haven for clutter. Take the time to clean up your desktop and files.

Glasses and dishware. We tend to have more of these than we need. Go through and ask which ones you really use. Donate the rest. If you entertain a lot you can always borrow or rent.

Stuff you know you aren’t using. Let go of it now. Don’t put off. We have an area downstairs where I collect what I am going to donate. I take it right downstairs and within a few weeks I have enough to call for a donation pick up.

Finally, make a list and set aside time during the weekends, week to get all the tasks done. It s a lot to do in a weekend, so I encourage people to take a month or so they don’t get overwhelmed.

What tips will you use for fall decluttering? What are your best fall decluttering tips?

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