What is the majority of your physical clutter?  Where does your clutter seem to gather and grow? What is your clutter kryptonite?  

Everything is energy and clutter is stuck, stagnant energy. Today’s decluttering blog is inspired because I work with people have lot of physical clutter.  Clutter can cause depression and depression can cause clutter. If you understand some of the consequences of having too much stuff, it can help motivate you to declutter.

The inside reflects the outside and vice versa.  Often times, clearing physical clutter is easiest for us and can support us in going inwards. Spend time this month focusing on your awareness about your physical clutter.

Are you aware of your physical clutter? 

Has it morphed into a big pile of stuff that you aren’t really sure what it all is? Do you notice any patterns of stuff? What I would like to call your clutter kryptonite. It is where you get stuck easily.  For example, I get stuck on beauty products and leopard print.

Gather a pen and paper or an app to record your thoughts.

Begin by going through your home or space.  What areas gather the most physical clutter?  What areas really need a good purge and your time and attention and what can hang tight for now?

Think of yourself as an archeologist or researcher. Examine your clutter.  What do you tend to collect the most of?  Do a few things keep popping up, like my beauty samples and leopard print, or is it just a Hodge podge?

What does Clutter do to your Brain, Body & Life?

Can you remember any circumstance when you purchased these items? Were you bored, lonely or stressed out? Were you going to redecorate and then changed your mind and never got around to releasing anything?   Do you go binge shopping after a fight with your spouse?

Be curious and not judgmental.  If you can get to the root of why you are buying or collecting clutter, you have a better chance of releasing everything.

Commit daily to discovering more about yourself and your physical clutter. What patterns emerge? What can you do to break the patterns or replace with good habits?

Refer back to your notes on your clutter.  Then begin to take steps to release your physical clutter.  If you need to, hire a professional to support you. 

Take actions from today’s blog on clearing physical clutter:

  • Be aware of where you have the most physical clutter.
  • Make a list of all the rooms and areas that you would like to declutter your physical stuff.
  • Discover your clutter kryptonite. Create a plan to slow down or stop buying it.
  • Dig deeper. Can you connect the physical with other stuff? If you find out anything, what are next steps to healing, releasing and moving forward?
  • Release physical clutter. If you are struggling, consider asking a friend for support or hiring a professional organizer.

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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