Today’s blog on energetic space clearing methods was inspired because we are often told how good our home feels. That’s probably because of the cats. And because I was in a space recently that I just wanted to hightail it out of dodge.

Does your space feel welcoming or uninviting? When you enter your space do you feel like you can relax or does it feel chaotic? Is your home a sanctuary or filled with reminders of what needs to be done? 


Even when you simply clear clutter you can feel the difference. Why not take it a step further and clear some energetic clutter?

Pick one room or space that you would like to clear.  It may be an area that feels stuck or cranky or one that you have been avoiding.

Now the fun part, picking how you want to clear your space.  If you begin to clear your space on a regular basis, there are many different ways you can do this.  Have fun with this and experiment.

Ways to Clear Your Space

Sage sticks, but please make sure the sage isn’t endangered.

Essential oils: Use scents that speak to you and you feel clear the energy. I also like to add essential oils to bring in more of what I desire!

Nature: Use sea shells, sea water, plants, flowers. What’s in your backyard? What in nature do you resonate with the most?

Sound: bowls, wind chimes, ring bells, clap your hands, or any sound that you feel clears your space.


Tuning forks.  I have not done this but am looking forward to trying.  Two-pronged fork and resonates a specific pitch

Crystals.  I do a little work with crystals, but you could use those. Say go with gut on that.

Music.  Some would say high vibing but I say whatever makes you feel good and brings you joy.  We get stuck sometimes in it has to be done that way. The intention is a big part of it. 

Choose to release (negative energy, sadness, stuck energy, whatever) from the room. 

After I have cleared the cluttered energy I also take time to fill up the room. I think of my intention for the space and what I want to bring into it and envision that in the room.

Before I move in anywhere and after I leave a place, I do a through space clearing.  It allows me to set the intention if I am moving in and if I am leaving have closure and leave a clean slate for new people moving in. You may want to consider doing the same.

Energetic clutter can have just as much as an effect on us as any other kind of clutter. 

How can you clear the energy of your space? What energetic clutter do you have? What intention can you set for your space?


Take Actions from Today’s decluttering blog on energetic space clearing methods:

  • Pick one room or area that you would like to clear;
  • If you haven’t cleared your space before, pick a way that appeals to you. If you clear your space regularly, try something new.
  • Think about what you are choosing to release from your space as well as the intention you want to set.
  • If you enjoy this, begin to practice on a regular basis.
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