Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information for End of Life Planning


Anyone looking honestly at life will see that we live in a constant state of suspense ambiguity.” 
― Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying


Are you concerned about what will happen to your personal data upon your passing? Do you need to pass along confidential client information that someone may need to access in the future? Have you arranged for destruction procedures to occur if necessary? 

Julie was reading Sue Grafton’s alphabet mystery series and in one of the novels, a character talks about how you wouldn’t like some of your stuff exposed even if you were dead.  There are some things that we wouldn’t like sharing, even after we have passed. For example, your contacts or client files. You may choose to designate someone to handle and perhaps shred those. Maybe you have sensitive health care information that you choose not to be disclosed.

Ensure that all of your confidential and sensitive information will be secure, shredded or in the hands of the right person.

Take care of sensitive information for end of life planning.

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TIP: Leave instructions with how sensitive information is to be handled i.e. shred, destroyed, stored, business, etc.