End of Life Ceremony

“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.”  Khalil Gibran

Two candles and stones as a symbol of an end of life ceremony

Julie’s dear friend Sybil told her what she planned for when she was dying and had prepared her end-of-life ceremony. “I’m going to be wheeled in my bed to the living room so I can see my garden. My friends will also be singing as I pass.” Sybil’s requests were honored with her final words of “Take me now! Take me now! Take me now!”

At the time, Julie thought it was a little morose that Sybil would want to plan her last moments. With a few years of reflection, Julie has started planning how she’d like her last moments to be. Her grandmother was surrounded by people she loved and Julie is convinced that helped her pass more easily.

Some people who are terminally ill choose to have a celebration while they are still alive as well as for the moment when they pass. Perhaps you’d like to have a shaman help you transition or have particular music played or passages read.

Julie Coraccio can help you find resources as well as plan and create your ceremony. Let Julie support you through the process of planning an end-of-life celebration and give you and your family peace of mind.

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TIP: Plan this along with your funeral and let your family and loved ones know your wishes.

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