Emotional Well Being: Asking for Support to Clear Clutter

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How to Ask for Support

Emotional well being is important. I am very deliberate when I use the word support instead of help. It is a challenge as a writer because I don’t like to repeat words! I use support because I see all of us as equals. To me, when using the word help it may imply that someone is less than; I don’t feel that with support—to me it makes us equals. I need computer support. That doesn’t make me dumb; it’s just an area I don’t have much experience or expertise in.

Take Care of Your Emotional Well Being

It’s OK~

I believe we are all connected and we’re here to help one another, yet many of us grew up with the idea that we must go it alone and be tough; we aren’t meant to rely on others. For many years I was a rock for others but couldn’t ask for help when I needed it. I have learned to ask for support and trust in others that they are capable and won’t let me down. I have many clients who have struggled to make that first call because they feel they should be able to do everything themselves. I can see and feel their relief when we get started.

Other people are super competitive and feel they need to crush the competition. If you come from a place of believing in abundance, you know there is enough for everyone. We all have our gifts and the people we can most assist will find us. I love connecting with others in my profession. If I am not the right fit, I want to be able to refer him or her to someone who is. When people witness this, they are more likely to refer to you as well and see the benefit of working together.

Finding Emotional Well Being

Let go of the mental clutter that needing support is bad! It’s okay to ask for support! As they say a lot in sports, “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” Throw the idea out the door that you have to go it alone! Many of us would be the first to offer assistance but hesitate when we are struggling.


When I work with clients, it’s easy for me to offer solutions, suggestions, etc. because I am not in the thick of it; I am neutral about the situation. Most people are going to give you a different perspective that might lead to some aha moments for you.


Ask the universe, God, higher power (whatever you are most comfortable with) for support as well. Another practice I do is right before bedtime; I ask to be shown answers for a problem. Many times I have had a solution come to me in my dreams or I wake up with the answer.


You can create a mastermind group. A mastermind group is a group of people with a common interest created to help brainstorm for one another and can be truly powerful. With online tools, you don’t have to meet in person.


Exercise: Ask someone for help with a problem you have been having or ask your higher power. Then LISTEN! Many times we get answers, but we fail to hear them. Or we get an answer that we don’t like—that is our ego getting in the way. Trust you are getting the right information at the right time. Often, we can’t see what’s ahead, but our deeper knowing can and is leading us in the right direction. I have learned that when I get a message in threes that I am being shown pay attention now!


What can you do this week to ask for support and your emotional well being?


Go out clear some clutter to create the life you choose, deserve & desire!


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