Look for the first part of my blog on gifts published November 5th.  I talk about being aware in your gift-giving and ways to be organized. Today, I focus on eco-friendly gifts and how you can bring a little more green this holiday season.

Green Gifts


It’s easy to be green and incorporate that into your gift giving. If you really want to go green, opt for no gifts. Don’t be afraid to make the suggestion. Many times people are thinking the same thing, and are just afraid to express it.

Here are some suggestions for going green with your gift giving this holiday season.

Give experiences!  How about tuition for class, camping trip, memberships, concert tickets, massage, groceries? Or you can give money towards a trip, event, or class that might be expensive.

Donate to your recipient’s favorite cause. Give a gift in their name and make sure the charity knows you are doing so. What a wonderful surprise to see their favorite charity supported.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

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Make your own gifts. Do you knit? How about making jam or soup? Or soaps or scrubs? How about preparing a meal with all the ingredients anEco-Friendly Gifts &d directions?

Give the gift of time: babysit, pet sit, make dinner & deliver.  Offer to do something ambitious like start a home garden. Buy seeds and tools and then help plant. I know we are always looking for good cat sitters.

Get your creativity on with a favorite recipes book or photos for album or calendar. Or you can write a story or poem, take photographs, or whip up culinary delights.

Buying used saves resources, reduces emissions, keeps more packaging and unwanted items out of landfills, and saves money.

Buying Used

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Before you stop me, consider these ideas buying used gifts. Last year for our anniversary, I found used Magic cards for my husband. Magic is something he plays weekly and he got some good used cards. He had given away most of his old school cards, so he was more than happy to receive this used gift!

For babies and toddlers: check out consignment stores. The more high-end shops offer high quality rarely used: clothing, toys, and furniture. I know my mom scored some great outfits for my nieces and nephew at a fraction of the cost.

For kids and teens:  look to Craigslist, Freecycle, garage sales: find Barbie’s, action figures for a steal.  When my  neighbor and I had a garage sale a few years ago, it was the 12-year old who made the most cash.

For the men in your life: go to swap meets, pawnshops, yard sales where you can usually score outdoor, sporting equipment, power tool deals.

For the women in your life:  consignment shops for clothes, pawn stores for jewelry, EBay for purses, and Craig’s List for exercise equipment.

Don’t forget to scour apps like LetGo to see what’s out there.  Sometimes you can get amazing deals.


Take Aways from both blogs on eco-friendly gifts and gift giving for the holidays:

  • Create a budget and stick to it. Keep running tabs on the gifts you purchase so you don’t overspend.
  • Create a gift Shelf or Area to know where your gifts are.  This Reduces stress over last minute shopping and allows time and money to be spread out over the year. 
  • Go green and opt for no gifts. Think outside the box by buying used, giving experiences, using your creativity, giving the gift of time, etc.

How can you go green in your gift giving? What experiences can you give this year for the holidays? Where can you store all your gifts?

Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire.


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