How well do you take care of yourself? Are you the first one to always support someone else and usually the last person to help yourself?  Is there anything toxic in your life you are ready to release? Are you challenged when it comes to paying attention to yourself and tuning in to what you need? Learn easy self care tips.

Self-care is so important and I believe a huge part of self-love. If we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves. Many of us didn’t have nurturing or self-care growing up or have it modeled to us.  Don’t beat yourself up or be embarrassed. I see a lot of my clients do that. When you know better you do better I believe Maya Angelou said?

If you are new to good self-care, it may be a challenge. Be your own best friend, be patient and loving. See, another way to slip in self-care and self-love. It is never too late to learn how to love yourself and take better care of yourself.

Easy Self Care Tips

There are many ways to take better care of ourselves, so don’t overwhelm with trying to do it all at once. Pick an area that you really think needs it or you are motivated to do.  If you are still unsure, is there a trusted person you could ask that could give you constructive feedback? One of the greatest gifts I have is friends that are honest with me in a loving way.

Write it down in your calendar if you have to. Make it a daily or weekly appointment. If you write it down you are more likely to do it! 

I have big white erase boards. Specific breathing exercises I have been doing, I mark a “b” down so I remember to do it. Kept off of a to-do because I didn’t want to feel like to do it, it is self-care and when it starts to feel like a chore is kind of defeating the purpose.

I suggest being mindful of balance. You won’t be able to honor all these areas all the time in your life.  Don’t put more pressure on yourself to achieve that. I would encourage you to look at your life overall to see how well you take care of yourself. 

Moderation is also important. If you are obsessive in one area of care, others may suffer as well as obsessing with anything isn’t generally good.  Balance and moderation are good measures. Remember, life is fluid and not static, so maybe some weeks you get five or six days of kick-butt exercise in, and maybe some weeks you are doing well when you can get two or three in.

How well are you taking care of yourself?

Here are some areas to look for to improve self-care. Don’t make this a final list.  There are numerous ways to treat ourselves.

Health. Do you eat healthy foods most of the time or do you eat junk food?  Do you eat mindfully or rush through each meal?  Are you strict and very structured with your eating or able to enjoy food? 

While being healthy is great, and something I need to get better about, being too healthy can be extreme and not good self-care. I had a friend that was obsessive about eating healthy foods. She would go crazy driving to find the best food. After a hike, it drove me crazy the time that we had to spend so much time trying to find a place that was acceptable to her. She was no fun to be around.  And at times she’d end up binging on junk food. I’d argue a piece of quality chocolate is a lot better than a bunch or store brought cookies like Keebler’s.

How is your sleeping? Check out my previous blogs on how to get a good night’s sleep.  Use the search icon and put in sleep and you’ll find the blogs I’ve written. The more I learn, I really see how essential sleep is to good health.

How about exercising? Do you exercise on a regular basis? If it seems like a chore, can you do something different that will get you going?  I have been fake jump roping as part of my routine at random times during the time. It isn’t a full-time workout, but it is a nice break from the computer.

Express your emotions for good self care!

Where can you improve your self-care?  Where do you need to find balance in your life? What is your priority of self-care?

Nature. I love love love to hike.  We hike weekly. When I cannot hike, I get outside and walk our cat Antonio.  We have trees in the backyard.

You can research all the benefits of being in nature. I am a tree hugger. Helps me find more joy, peace.  Calms me, resets me if I need to.

Mindfulness.  You listen regularly know I am a huge fan of this. Meditate, any mindful practice.  Simply take the time to be fully in the moment of whatever you are doing. Tai chi, yoga do physical and mental at the same time.

Believing that everything is always working out for you! I was taking a survey on Facebook and this was what someone shared.  Finding the golden nugget.

Relationships. How are those closest to you? Can you say no when you need to? Does your inner circle support you? Do you have healthy boundaries, give and take, doing what feels right? Is there anyone toxic that it might be time to release? I did a few episodes on relationships, how to say no.  If you could use a little more guided support check them out.

Body.  Do you pamper yourself? Doesn’t mean going to a big fancy expensive spa.  Having someone brush my hair feels heavenly. I love Ulta and will treat myself to kits. We had a snow day in Raleigh. Pacifica.


How are you when you put lotion on your body or face? Is it a ritual that you are mindful of or do you slap it on without a thought?  We can find a rich experience in anything you do.

Spirit. What moves you? What about life’s purpose? Loving more, being kind more, being in gratitude more.

Not listening to mainstream media and network news.  GNN and when I feel I need to be educated I check out a news source from overseas.  Feel we are fed a lot of garbage and what a few want the masses to know.

Fun. I struggle with this one because my definition of fun seems to be so different. Rarely drink, not a big partier, yes even at my age people still do this. We love playing games, I consider hiking fun, reading a good book, cooking, having an awesome conversation. Come up with YOU consider fun, don’t be bound by anyone else.


Finally, Just being in joy. I was doing an online group and the moderator talked about people who don’t let what others say or do bother them. They have a glass of wine, have a slice of cake because they choose to, don’t worry about what others think and don’t feel the “guilt” that they are doing something wrong.

Are you aware of any unhealthy or destructive habits like Shopping? Hey, this is a podcast about clutter! How are your shopping habits? Do you shop for what you actually need or to fill a void? It can also be eating or drinking too much, not talking to yourself kindly to yourself?  Kind of do a reverse of the areas where I mentioned and see if there is anything where you can improve.

A friend on Facebook said, “Things I used to desire from other people, I’m giving to myself.” I love that! Such sage advice. If you find yourself looking to others to fill something, what can you do for yourself?

What self-care is most important to you? How can you bring self-care daily into your life? How can you find joy regularly in your life? What easy self care tips can you try?

Take actions from the declutter your life blog on creating easy self care tips:

  • Pick the areas where you would like to increase better self-care. I suggest no more than three so you don’t become overwhelmed.
  • Commit to practicing daily acts of good self-care in the areas you choose. Schedule or write down if you need to.
  • Decide if there is an unhealthy habit you can let go of or work to improve.
  • When you find yourself looking for others to fill a need, ask how you can take care of it yourself.
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