Downsizing Tips: What Else Do I need to Think About Besides Physical Stuff When Downsizing?

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What’s more important as you downsize: time or money? Are you prepared for the range of emotions you will have? How can you stay connected to a higher source throughout the process? Learn how to navigate the emotional aspects of downsizing.

Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness and how to organize your life.

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Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and prevents you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve. We discuss clutter in all its forms: energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental & physical, relationships, health, finances and more. We share tips and take action steps for clutter free living and how to organize your life. We’re thinking outside the box on areas where people might not realize where clutter is blocking them. When we remove clutter from our lives we can discover our passions, lead the extraordinary lives we are all meant to live and share our gifts with the world.



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Today on clear your clutter inside and out. We’re talking about mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of downsizing. What’s more important as you downsize time, money, reduce stress. Are you prepared for the range of emotions you’ll have? How can you stay connected to a higher source throughout the process? Learn how to navigate the emotional aspects of downsizing as we continue our month focusing on downsizing do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside and out will teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on. Let’s get started. Today’s episode was inspired fired by me and as you from April May episodes, we have purchased a house, downsize and getting ready to move. And I was sitting in bed. Tony was at work. I was reading hanging out the cats. And all of a sudden I realized at this house 1201 This is the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life. I have been here 12 years. Tony and Joey moved in before he got Antonio thena. And I was like, wow, because I hadn’t realized that. When I was almost eight. We moved. When I was living with my parents, I had to share a room with my baby brother and then we moved I got my own room. So I’m about eight when that happens. And then 10 years later, I leave for college and I worked summers in Maine and went to college and so I only came home at the holiday so that was didn’t count his home. And then after I graduate college, lived in Vermont, lived in Maine, in Massachusetts and then moved out to Los Angeles. I was in Los Angeles for 10 years, five of those years at my awesome condo in Pasadena. And prior to that, the other five years in LA because I was there a decade in various places, just I had a lot of interesting housing experiences. So the condo was last five years, you know, was moving out from Los Angeles to Raleigh, and so I downsize then. But I think I was so excited to come out here and one, I’m gonna be honest, because who I am my saving money by downsizing. And I guess because it’s been 12 years. I think sometimes we create amnesia for ourselves. It was I think it was hard. me because I dear friend Cody’s there other people that I love are there and I got the best compliment the day left someone told me that I taught him how to love so that is one of the nicest things that’s ever and most meaningful that’s ever been said to me. So anyway because I’m going through this again and realizing Wow, this is the longest I’ve lived anywhere. And in addition to this, I purchased this home. It was a big deal to me I couldn’t afford a home out in Los Angeles and middle class just I could have been like three hours away but wouldn’t want to commute. So anyway, first home, this is where I wrote the books. And Oh guys, I have to tell you, they are coming. I’m now dealing with KDP It’s kind of crazy. I just can’t anyway, that’s been a process but they are coming so finish the books here. I fell in love while I was here got Tony got Joey then Antonio joined us and then Athena followed some heartbreak here, but on the whole started my business here that celebrates 10 years this month, or I’m sorry, this year, celebrate 10 months in July. So all this greatness happened and, and big life things like getting married and starting business and being here. It’s like Wow, I’ve been here 12 years. And and so as we’ve been cluttering and you know as I mentioned before, guys, I have stuff but downsizing literally means letting go of even more and having less. Tony sold the lawnmower, which I wasn’t planning on. I’m just hire guy for a couple more months over here and but I was like, got upset by that and not super upset. I didn’t cry or anything but kind of like, you know, my dad bought that lawnmower for me and he’s so great about helping me get settled and doing all that and so there was a somewhat sentimental little bit of sentiment. Not like I couldn’t Oh, no, I can’t give this up. But I was kind of like I had a moment.

Like, just sell it and I’m much better garage sales before by then Tony, I’m just throwing that out there. But again, shoot me if I ever have a garage sale. So there are lots of emotions. Coming up, there has been a lot of anxiety, even though in some ways things have really flowed this whole process is stressful. So let’s look at a couple things mentally. What’s going on as you move some things you want to make decisions about if you’re downsizing, what do you want to give to your family? Are there any things that you want to give to your friends, colleagues, staff? Is there a certain charity that it would that you would be happy to donate to and I’m going to encourage you to think about this. Spend some time and do this before you start physically downsizing, because I have to tell you, it’s somewhat of an overwhelming process and I’m organized and we don’t have Have a ton. And the biggest thing we’re going to do two phases of downsizing my mom thought that was kind of nuts. But I’m like, Look, I want to see once we get there, I’m very visual. In my mom again, God love her, she’s going to come down and the day we move and help us unpack, and I’ll stay for a couple days. She’s a rock star. But I’m very visual. She’s like, oh, but this system here, I’m gonna have to see it. And so I said, we’ll get rid of an archer, when, after we’ve moved and set things up. I’m happy to do that. And you know, you might not be able to do that. So take the time. Where’s the stuff that you’re going to downsize going? My grandmother what my grandmother did, she gave a lot away. It is probably the last few years of her life. What she did is she asked people in the family what they wanted. I can’t remember I don’t think she asked us I think she asked my aunts and their spouses in my father and my mom because there’s stuff that you can’t take You can’t take anything with you really when you go on your next adventure. But that’s something okay, have it and get it out my grandmother’s awesome because it got out the door. So once, the other thing you’re going to want to think about and take the time to figure out is what are you going to do with what’s left? Are you going to sell? Maybe there are things you want to put on consignment. Perhaps you’re a whiz and want to post on eBay. What about Craigslist? Do you need an antique dealer? Now in another episode I talk about whether or not an estate sale something on do or same day cash and carry. So those are other considerations to have. When you have made when you’re really clear on these decisions, it is going to make you less anxious trust me because we are really clear Okay, when we have the first garage sale, we ended up having because our neighbor wanted to do it again because they didn’t sell a lot through Kappa So we can put multifamily, we’ll do it again. We literally had one table stuff and luckily sold some stuff that day too. But what we said was, when the first garage sale is done, we are taking the rest to our favorite animal charity. So a couple things. I said, oh, let’s try to sell this. This is good stuff. But we packed it right? I laugh someone was here at five to 12. I’m like, No, I know we said noon but not interested. You know, you wait to the last minute, I got to get the stuff out here. So we packed up nerva and took it right away because we had made that decision as a team. This is what we’re going to do. It’s not just allows you to have mental clarity. And again, the other thing you’re going to want to think as you are contemplating all these things, what’s more important, do you need money, and there’s no right or wrong? peace of mind, college hunks hauling junk or someone to come in and take out all your stuff and donate it or we have a local guy that will give it to a charity see what he can sell. Make sure it’s your cycle. I mean, I think that’s An awesome option. Let those decisions guide you when thinking Am I going to sell or do I want to give away something? When you prepare for death, you can live your life fully. Where’s all that information to your online assets? And would people know how to find it? What do you want people to remember about you? If you were to die suddenly, who would take care of your pets? Julie Coraccio can support you and end of life planning and organization. Visit reawaken your brilliance calm to learn more emotional downsizing can be emotionally draining. I again I am guys I’m so excited. I can’t wait to tell you well, once we’re settled, maybe probably in August and

yeah, that’s when I do the August episodes I’ll share the name of where we Move to because it is amazing. We are on an acre but what’s great is it backs up to woods and we are going to build a privacy fence for the cats and we’re on one level we’re on a ranch and it’s less smoking. Even though we’re going from a third of an acre to an acre and we’re in a small town, all good stuff. But it’s as excited as I am about it is draining. Like I said, you know, be prepared for unexpected emotions. I wasn’t expecting to be like oh the lawnmower. And again it was really for just a few minutes and I got it out there and we had a crazy thing happen. We had our house professionally cleaned and yesterday and we have two showings scheduled and the cleaner was at the top of the stairs and had plugged in the vacuum cleaner at the bottom of stairs but it went around it wrapped around it wasn’t like there was a socket right at the bomb service wrapped around. Apparently this is a good safety. In all seriousness, so like, you know, the little prongs when you plug something in, so she kept twisting and bending it. And so the prong hit inside of the socket. I think I’m saying all the correct things here. So anyway, it sounded so then I hear this. Whoo. And I thought, Oh, that’s like when a police car pulls over someone thought that’s weird. Is this coming from my ass because I’m outside sweeping down my funk schwag and I’m ready. Put some potted plants out. I’m like, Holy moly. This is our house. So the wall had gotten scorched. I was like OMG so the fire anyway, we’ve got CPI fire came fire trucks were awesome. And I was super excited because they’re female. Anyway, female fighter as well. So it’s cute. Captain comes in and he’s like, well, let’s just check it. You know, where’s your husband? I’m like, okay, Tony left his phone. I’m gonna Jim I’m pulling my hair out. Because also Tony decides we’re going to paint the garage. So miracle of all miracles and literally about Two and a half hours before the first showing was happening and he had to leave for work. We can have the garage painted, he got one and got a new socket. We have like we just had a, you know, a month ago had the downstairs payments, we had extra paint. But it was crazy guys, it literally scores as well. And so we got that done. It was insane that we got that much down in a couple of times. But you know, potential for family fighting is also going to come up because I was like, where are you? Where’s the gym? I was like, rah. And so if you have emotions running high, that’s likely to happen. have support. Maybe it’s your friend. I have been God love Kati, we’re emailing and I’m like, I just gotta get this off to someone. And then I my alma mater has a Facebook group of 40 and I said, I just got to park this somewhere. I told him everything that happened and then we’ve had mostly positive things said about our house, but someone just was really really mean spirited and it’s like, you know, this is our home We put a lot of effort we put time we put money. And this is where we’re hanging out. And if you don’t like it, I’m cool with that. But they just made a really ridiculous comment and that was stressful. So I posted everyone in the groups great, gave me my own advice. Don’t take anything personally and I’ve had a couple of realtors chime in it’s been a really an interesting process to make sure that you have some support in place. And maybe it’s someone professional. And you know, okay, I mean, cuz I will admit, I swore loudly several times when that happened because I’m like, What are you doing? Like you guys you know, you should know better you’re pulling on the cord it should cause and that was just one other thing and then I had to go out and find a new cover but anyway, you know, time that I didn’t have money I didn’t want to spend and so okay, breathe Julie. Just breathe. So what is it that I need to do? When stuff like that happens when the handyman cancels Take a deep breath. Who can I ask? Who is my support system for reaching out. Give yourself the time and the space to reminisce. One of the things I’m doing, Tony and I are going to do, part of the Fung Shui way is it’s time to have the energy and I’m going to do a sage and clearing for the new people. This is going to be their home where they’re going to make memories. And we’re going to go around to each room. And like for instance, on my office, I’m going to thank you for allowing me to create income. Thank you for our exercises in here. Thank you for allowing this to be a space to be healthy and no look, glance up. It’s rainy and cold here so the season and she’s at the top of her cat tree. So thank you for this being a place where the cats can hang out and

feel safe. And thank you for this is my office and where my computer is and for allowing me to write my books and to write the podcast and to write and work with clients and all that good stuff. So I’m allowing the time for us to do that. To go room by room, talk to the outside use much deck. And thinking that and thinking about different memories that were created in different rooms. And I remember my when my niece and nephew were here and they were little so Claire was three. And so maximum been one and a half. And I remember Max is learning to walk and Claire can walk at this point and she’s running around through all the rooms downstairs human by him. And she said to me, said Gigi, you don’t shut doors, and she pointed my cabinets and I’ll be darned. I was like, Oh my gosh, I’ve never noticed that about myself. I do not I have this weird habit and I’ll shut door so I try to be a little bit better since Claire called me out a decade ago about that but had the time to reminisce about that or if there’s something sentimental you’re giving to a family member give yourself the space to do that. Spiritually, what can you do spiritually as you’re downsizing? Visualize each day going smoothly. That okay like today I know I have to do like tomorrow we have to go to the credit union again. You know, again talk about not having control everything we got everything set with our funding and then the credit union renege. So I was like, okay, what’s Plan B? came up with Plan B, Plan B didn’t work, said what’s Plan C? So we have a plan now, and I’m grateful for that. But visualize Okay, or when something arises I visualize myself okay, I can handle it. Now. The Scorch wall, little bit stressful. But doing that helps. Take time each day to connect with your higher power, whatever verbiage God universe that you use source that is going to keep you connected. It’s going to remind you that this is just some little Shakespearean play and it’s all good and it’s all gonna work. yourself out. And to not get caught up in the little stuff. Trust, you’ll get what you need when you need it. It’s like when the handyman cancelled. I’m like, oh, boy, am I grateful for that because I thought it was overpriced. And I thought, Well, you know what, you’re just gonna have to suck it up. And then ended up we got someone who’s even better, I think even more experienced overall because he was a contractor it worked out. Try to get into that mode as much as possible. This is now a great time also, as you are downsizing to practice forgiveness and gratitude. I have a little gratitude app and I’ll do another I’ll do one show sometime this year. It’s not going to happen before August about a gratitude app. So it’s great reminder thing like a little thing comes up so I can express my gratitude daily forgiveness, some working on forgiving the crappy neighbors that I’m leaving. boy am I Oh, My gosh, am I grateful for that? We’re working on forgiving. Okay. Yes, as I’m having two showings today and you let the trash and you’re our big white that’s gonna stick out on a great day and green grass. Okay, just put it in the thing. Just be grateful that you’re working through your karma. What can you forgive? taking time to do that each and every day. forgive anyone that you’re able to. I think I shared at one point about things that I’m doing and so one thing I’m doing every day is to send someone love I picked someone like it was Tony it was Qadian different people do comedies cat next month because he’s having some challenges and so the fur babies all that. So my goal with that is and I don’t know if I can do this by the end of the year, but I’m going to try is to send love to people I don’t like send love to people that you don’t think did right by me. And I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do that by then and you We’ll see maybe I can do it next year but with regular practice, it’s a possibility. take actions from today’s podcast. make decisions on who gets what. decide what’s most important with your physical items. time, money, peace of mind. Create a support system for the emotional aspect of downsizing. allow time to honor your emotions, all of them. Stay connected to your spiritual or religious practice.

Trust it will all work out in the end. On next month’s episode, we’re talking about settling into your new home. Go out. Clear your clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. If you’ve enjoyed clear your clutter inside now, please rate review and share us

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