Is your desk neat and organized or has it become the place you dump everything you don’t know where to put? Have you lost money because you have misplaced receipts? Today I’m e talking about your desk and how to make it clutter-free instead of a dumping ground. Learn organizing tips and decluttering your desk as I focusing on the home office.


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Desk Tips Statistics

Do you have a messy desk in your home office or is your desk always neat? Are you wasting time always looking for things?


87% of office workers say when a workspace is disorganized feel they’re less productive than when their workspace is organized. I would say that statistic is most likely true for home office desks and workspace as well.


86% agree that having a disorganized workspace is unprofessional. Most likely your personal habits at home make their way into your work life or work desk, so if you build good habits here, you can also apply them to work.


30% of workers have lost out on getting reimbursed business/travel expense because they misplaced/lost a receipt


Estimated 38 working hours (close to 1 work week) per person each year lost looking for misplaced items


These stats can be found online at the site.

Desk Clutter


Get rid of your desk clutter. So many times your desk easily morphs into the dumping grounds of everything. You are in a hurry so you throw it on the desk. You don’t want to deal with it now, so you throw it on your desk.


First, block out time to go through everything on your desk. It may take a few hours or it may take an entire weekend. It really will depend on your desk.


Begin by sorting into piles based on categories you have created (bills to be paid, receipts, etc.) File anything that needs to be filed. Clutter represents delayed decisions so commit to making decisions now. I used to be called “Indecisive One” in college. If I can learn to make decisions, you can, too.


Be ruthless: recycle paper where you can (ask yourself if there is an online resource for it), throw away dried up pens, move knick-knacks somewhere else. You are decluttering. Commit to it!


Here are some areas where people tend to get stuck.


Do you have lots of magazines or catalogs? Do you actually read them? Be honest. You do yourself no favors if you lie to yourself. If not, cancel the subscription. If you do read the magazine, can you find that information online? How old is the magazine? The information might be stale by now and most likely is with the way information travels on the internet.


Ads/coupons: How many of you have a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon? Or several BB& B coupons? Resist collecting materials that represent “good bargains.” If you aren’t going to use it immediately, recycle it! I stocked up on mine when we were moving and I knew that I’d need some for when we settled into our new home.


Look for online resources for any of the paper clutter on your desk, bookmark & tag, and then you can use it when ready. Don’t forget to declutter your bookmarks regularly.


Business cards. Do you even know who the person is? Do you need their services or has the time passed? Go through and choose which ones to keep and then create a storage system.


Tip: When first meeting someone after taking their card make notes on back: where met, personal interests, etc. to jog the memory.


Paperwork: Do? Delay? Delegate? Recycle?  This is just one example you can use. Come up with a process that works for you in handling paperwork.


Remember; do not use your desktop for storage! Commit to cleaning and decluttering it weekly.


What clutter do you need to clear from your desk? What coupons can you release? Do you need to go through your business cards?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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