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Desk Organization Tips

Make sure your desk fits your lifestyle. If you like to spread things out, invest in a big desk. A U shaped desk with storage is considered really functional by many. I now have an adjustable desk so I can spend some of my workday standing as sitting all day isn’t so great for my health.

On the surface of your desk keep Daily Projects. On my desk, I have a standing file that keeps folders for all of my current projects. It’s only what I’m working on right now.


Consider storing weekly projects close by on the inside of your desk. Do what makes sense to you. Maybe you store them on the top of your bookcase so you can take a break during the day.


Keep close to your desk monthly projects on nearby surfaces or in easy-to-reach file drawers. I have folders for my credit card receipts and taxes. They are stored on the top of my files.


Don’t keep it on or in your desk if you use every so often. I have reference books that I have to get up and walk to in my office. I don’t need them that much and it is good to get up from the desk and take a break. While I use them, they’d become clutter if I kept them on my desk.

Plan a place for things that you use frequently, such as pens, scissors, papers, files, and highlighters. Pay your bills at your desk? Use a storage area. I keep stamps, return labels, and my checkbooks here.


Think of your desk in terms of real estate. Use it daily? Have it within easy reach. If you use your calendar all the time, it needs to be here. Only as a reference? Put it on a wall where you can see.


I also suggest having a notebook or pad of paper. I am always coming up with ideas or things that need to get done. I can write them down immediately because I always have a pen and paper to write.


You could also use a bulletin board to put a calendar or reminders to free up desk space, but this can easily become cluttered. Keep appointment reminders here or anything that you may reference a lot, such as the number for the pizza place or babysitters.


Spend time tidying up at the end of the day or the week. File paper, return things to their home and put anything that else that does not belong where it does.

More Desk Organizing Tips:

  • Have a daily To-Do sheet.
  • Have daily/weekly/monthly routines.
  • Set up a mail system.
  • Make up a reading folder so if you’re stuck in the doctor’s office you can get some reading done.
  • System for prioritizing tasks (Franklin Covey is one example).
  • Put frequently requested information on voice mail (phone number, email, etc.).
  • Leaving a message: name, what need, phone number, and the best time to call back.

Takeaways from both blogs on desk organizing tips:

  • Do not use your desk for storage. Many make that mistake and it soon becomes cluttered;
  • Look for Online resources to reduce paper clutter on your desk—bookmark & tag—and use when ready; and
  • Keep items on your desk in close reach that you use daily or frequently.


How can you organize your desk? What’s most important to you? What steps do you need to take to organize your desk?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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