Today on the Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out I’m talking about deepening your gratitude. When we have gratitude we not only vibrate at the highest level, but it is also easier to release clutter in all its forms. Learn how to deepen your gratitude for greater joy and peace.

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Deepening Gratitude Clears Clutter

Some may think that it is odd that I put this blog with kitchen organizing and decluttering this month. How often do we have gratitude for the food we eat? True gratitude, not saying a blessing before a meal where we mumble through the words and then dig into eat.


I believe we can always deepen our gratitude. This blog was inspired by the death of my Uncle Carlyle. My Uncle died unexpectedly on Christmas Eve a few years ago. He had a freak accident and had surgery that went well. I had literally been looking at a care package to send him the night before when I got the news he had passed. He lived a wonderful, long life, but he still left us too early.

Finding the golden nuggets

I was very grateful that I got a flight out because I didn’t think I would be able. In case you are wondering, the airlines don’t give special rates if you are flying back for a funeral.


However, right after I was on the plane and seated, I was one of the last to board, the plane started to fill with smoke and we all had to get off. We had too blind passengers with guide dogs and numerous people who needed wheelchair assistance. This was a small plane because it was a regional flight, but it took a long time to board.


The drive from the airport to my hometown is 50 minutes. I was worried I would miss the viewing. It was not a mechanical malfunction, but someone’s laptop caught on fire. FYI in that situation, both the police and fire department come to check everything.


As it ended up, we lucked out and departed only an hour late. They just happened to have a plane that they could use. However, I was really stressed until we found out. I don’t like to fly and was traveling without my husband. I was fortunate to have a fellow passenger say to me, “Wow. We are lucky this happened before we were in the air.” I thought about it and she was right. If this had happened while we were flying we would have most likely been diverted or had to make an emergency landing. If that had happened I most likely would have missed both the viewing and the funeral for my uncle. At that moment, I was able to have gratitude and find the golden nugget for having my flight delayed.

What Can You Find?

Can you find the golden nuggets of gratitude when things might be a struggle? This isn’t easy, but I promise you the more you do this the easier it becomes. I had to fly for work recently and had a connection. I had several things go wrong, but I kept finding the nuggets. I posted this on my FB page for my daily gratitude. On the way back, I kept having gratitude and finding the nuggets. I sat next to a wonderful gentleman who was interested in what I do that might be future work for me. Because I kept myself in gratitude, I believe I attracted that energy of a potential client. Had I been cranky and fuming over things, he probably would have felt that and never started up a conversation. Being in gratitude keeps you open and vibrating at the highest levels.


What are you grateful for right now? How can you deepen your gratitude? Can you find the golden nugget in a not so great situation?

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