Decluttering Tip: How Much Clutter Is OK?

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As your spring cleaning, you might appreciate this decluttering tip as wonder how much clutter is okay. You may not be a hoarder but wonder what the clutter level is like in other people’s homes.

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Decluttering Tip: How much clutter is okay?


This is a question I get asked a lot: how much should I own? What’s an acceptable level of clutter?

The level varies for each person. Don’t compare yourself to others. Not just in this, but in anything in life. If you feel good in your space, can find what you need when you need it, and not tripping over things, you’re probably in pretty good shape.

I am not Martha Stewart because it would cause me more stress to be “perfect”, but I can find what I need when I need it. I can relax in my home and it fits the lifestyle of my family. I am comfortable if someone drops by and can generally straighten up in 20 minutes or so. The biggest compliment I have received is that people feel welcomed in our home and that they can relax and enjoy themselves. It could also be my baking skills, but I think a huge part is how we keep our home.

I have probably 15 different bubble baths on the shelf next to my bathtub. Many people would see that as clutter, but a bubble bath is how I relax, it reduces my stress and brings me joy. I use them at different times, so it’s not clutter for me.

As You Age

The older I get and the more I become aware of myself and my surroundings the less stuff I want. That won’t be true for everyone. We downsized in 2019 and it was a great first round. We did another round this past January.  See if you notice a difference as you get older.


Decluttering Tip: Things to Consider


Some things to consider when figuring out a realistic and reasonable level of clutter:


Can you easily find what you need or do you tend to search? Do you have piles or do most items have a “home”? Do you fear tripping or is your home hazard free? Can you relax or are you stressed? Is your space peaceful or a constant reminder of what needs to be done? Do you avoid areas because there is too much clutter?


Used to have a coach that had a ton of stuff in her home. Some may say it was clutter, but she appeared to use everything.

Questions to Ask

What are realistic expectations given your spouse/children/roommates/family/pets/life? Do you entertain or mainly just you and your family in your space? Do you need to be ready to roll if someone visits unexpectedly? Are you okay with an hour of cleaning for company or do you need more time to plan?


Your levels might vary for each room. The family room might have more clutter than a formal dining room. Think about people and activities for each room.


Once you determine what’s acceptable, you can begin to release clutter that doesn’t match what you have decided is okay.


What’s an acceptable amount of clutter for you? What clutter could you clear right now?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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