Today’s final episode of my decluttering podcast Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out focuses on decluttering strategies and decluttering solutions. When you clear your clutter you can create the life and space you choose, deserve, and desire.


It’s been a privilege to have you as an audience. I’ve gotten to know some of you personally and it’s been an honor as you all inspire me.

Take actions from today’s podcast on decluttering strategies:

  • Have strong boundaries, know when you’re being gaslit, and learn to work with not-so-great people.
  • Fight for what matters most, Learn to be resilient, and deal with injustice
  • Judge less yourself and others; embrace the art of allowing; make time for resting and relaxing
  • Know who steals your joy, embrace your sensitivity and being good enough, and know when you need to start over
  • Focus on what matter most; create a vision for your life and learn how to receive
  • Never give up hope, understand the grieving process, use your anger to empower you, and find what brings you peace
  • Continue to grow into who you’re meant to be, examine your wounds and masks; don’t do the spiritual override
  • Recognize when you lose your humanity, heal your relationships, and say what needs to be said
  • Release the martyr and need for revenge, don’t be an asshat, and kick imposter syndrome to the curb
  • Know your actions have consequences, understand how to begin and end things and be accountable to yourself and others

And my last two are worth repeating as I leave you:

  • Love, love some more, choose love every time you can, and when you believe you’ve nothing left to give love
  • You are good enough, worthy enough, and loved, no matter what. Let me repeat this truth: You are good enough, worthy enough, and loved, no matter what!

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Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve, and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness, and how to organize your life.

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