Today we are tackling the junk drawer. Most of us have at least one junk drawer, if not more—one in the kitchen, garage, TV room or somewhere else. We are also sharing a safety tip you might not know: a common item that could be a household hazard lurking in your drawer. Let’s clear some physical clutter as we begin our month focusing on 10-minute tips to declutter your life!


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Decluttering Junk Drawer

A blog post on the share found that the Average American has credit card debt of  $15,185 & around $7,000 of unwanted items in house. How much of that is in your junk drawers?


It is estimated that $15 billion in unused tech gadgets in junk drawers worldwide! That amounts to $2,200 per drawer.


I picked this topic for this month because it is something that most people can most likely do quickly. It is a win win because you get to declutter, you can do it quickly and reap an immediate reward. Go on and treat yourself to some frozen yogurt or ice cream when you are finished.


Decluttering Junk Drawer: Create a New Name

First, I suggest renaming your junk drawer. Completely remove it from your vocabulary. It is so easy to clutter it up because we have already declared it to be junk. Turn off the auto pilot junk drawer.


Come up with a better name. Coraccio Fix It. Seibert Problem Solver. Julie’s Jack of All Trades. You get the idea. If you name it something like that, you are most likely going to put items that fit into that category. Keep the name broad, so you have some leeway. If it doesn’t fit in that category, then that is a good indication it may need a new home!

Decluttering Your Newly Name Junk Drawer

Let’s begin by clearing clutter!


First, release and if possible recycle, the real junk. You will want to empty everything out of the drawer. I suggest putting it on some tea towels you can throw in the wash right after you finish. Take the time to give it a good dusting or use a damp paper towel or dust cloth to clean out.

Decluttering Junk Drawer: More Tips

First, remove the real junk: expired anything, such as coupons; dried up pens. I need to study that one-day. Why do we put a pen back in the drawer we cannot use? Let go of the broken bits, too.


Next, return things that belong in other homes, such as cards with games or tools to the garage.


Once you have decluttered, group the remaining items in what makes sense to you.


Finally, I am also going to encourage you if you are someone with more than one of these catchall drawers, can you get all of them decluttered?


What will you rename your junk drawer? What real junk can you release immediately? What will you keep in the drawer now?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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