It’s a two-fer today for my declutter life tip because I mush in 2 points: what you give out, you get back and that the universe sees you even if you think you “get away” with something.

I use a business example, but this applies to everything. I know we’ve all seen people get away with something and it’s frustrating, especially if we try and do right by people. We’ve spent a good chunk of change remodeling but we’d never walk out of Lowe’s with a ton of stuff without paying. Remember, this declutter life tip when you get really frustrated!

What you put out in life you get back and someone is always watching.  Try to redirect your frustration and concentrate on you. Someone once said to me that people never reap what they sow.  I don’t believe that. People don’t share everything (and especially the not-so-good stuff on social media!) so you don’t really know what goes on in someone’s life.  And it isn’t always a direct line. You may be a cheat in your personal life and then something happens at work. It’s not my call to make or my business to know.

Again, I try and bring it back to me. My goal is to ultimately get neutral about stuff like this. I try and remain focused on what I need to do and what’s most important. Trust me, I’ve learned that if I need to be made aware the Universe will make sure I am.  If someone wants to spend their time trying to make me look bad or don’t trust their inner wisdom, that’s their choice.

(Side note: when someone stole my entire website word for word, I didn’t let that slide. I had it taken down.)

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