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Hello this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. I’m tickled to have with me today, Julie Coraccio! Is that right, Julie?

Yes! That’s right! Thank you for having me!

Oh you’re quite welcome!

I want to brag about you for just a second, as I do with all my guests on this show, I take a moment to get to know who they are and combine energetically. I’m just sitting here with a big ole smile on my face. Honestly, you’re just fun. I feel you, but it’s that real low key understated “This just is. It just feels right.”

She’s for sure one of our people, and she is so much more than that of course. She’s an award winning professional organizer, she’s an author, certified life coach, and we can go on-and-on about accolades. But the most important thing for us is just that willingness to sit in that trust and to connect. And she proved that the second she opened her mouth. So with that, Julie welcome to the show. Thank you so much for joining us.

Thanks for having me. And thank you for all you’re doing. I love the topic of Super Powers because that’s so important.

Well, thank you. Thank you. I’m glad you said that because we’re going to jump right in and say “What are your Super Powers?”

My Super Powers are supporting people and clearing their clutter. I use that through my skills of listening, my intuitive gifts, and coaching.

I like that. I love that you throw intuition in there because of my bias that we’re really moving into this state of being where that is the primary guiding force for so many people. At least in my journey, it was the only place I could go back to and find my own truth.

So I like that you threw that in. And how unique to throw that in in the clutter conversation! How did that come about?

Well, it’s interesting. When I started organizing, my business was called Healing Through Organization. The more I worked, it was kind of an Aha moment. One thing that had happened, was I was working with a client and she said, “Can we just talk.” And I said, “Sure,” I will do whatever the client wants. It ended up being more of a coaching session. I work in a chunk of time because you can see results, when you clear clutter and get organized. She said, “I can tell this is making you nervous because you’re not doing anything, but I can’t tell you how much this is supporting me.” And it was then that I realized…

In the meanwhile, I’d been doing an internet TV show called Re-awaken Your Brilliance, where I interviewed Body, Mind, and Spirit Experts. It was (another) Aha moment of it’s more important to clear the clutter.

We can organize anything, however, to have the maximum impact, it’s about clearing your clutter. When you do that, you can create the life you choose, deserve, and desire.

That’s brilliant. I know you approach it from the concept of clutter from the inside and outside, can you give us some tips or some pointers of how you see that connection between what’s happening externally with what’s happening internally.

Whatever’s going on inside, is going to be reflected in your outside environment. For instance, when I go into someone’s home (and again you talk about intuition, which I love) all I can tell you is, I can’t “scientifically” tell you how I know this: I know that someone is depressed, does someone have a lot of anxiety. You can feel that. You can feel that in the energy the space. Whatever’s going on, is going to be reflected in your outside environment.

If you start to clear your physical clutter, it’s going to have an impact on your emotional, your spiritual, your mental, your energetic clutter. It just has that relationship where as you work on one, the other improves. It’s like, if you clear the physical clutter and don’t work of any on your inside of what’s going on, it’s going to come back. That’s been my experience.

It’s more about clearing that other stuff because, again, clearing the physical clutter is kind of “easy,” and I use that term loosely. It’s the harder part of digging and going inside and being, “OK, what’s my clutter?”

I have a little bit of a different definition than most people. I view clutter as delayed decisions, anything that is stagnant energy, and anything that prevents you from creating a life you choose, deserve, and desire. I have a little bit of a broad thing there because you can have relationship clutter, you can have clutter in your health and your finances. It really is all encompassing.

As my mind often does because of the whole Super Power Conversation, my role in the world is to challenge what we think of as being possible. As you’re talking, I love the idea of clearing the internal clutter that leads to clear the external. We’ve known that everyone in the metaphysical arena gets on some level, maybe they don’t enact it, or embody it, or actually practice it. I wonder, since we’re seeing some great strides with people using external techniques to expedite the internal process: Have you done, or have you ever thought about doing, an activity where you utilize the clearing of the external clutter to expedite the internal flare ups?

That’s a really interesting question. I’ve never been asked that before. I think that if you look at it, everything is energy. Whether you believe that from a physics perspective or a spiritual perspective. So, just by the process of clearing physical energy, you’re shifting your energetic clutter. In my personal viewpoint, I believe that has to affect your whole landscape. It just cannot. And again, though, the thing not wanting to come back, we need to shift the internal to recreate in the physical, so that’s probably the closest thing that I can say experiencing with clients.

I really like that. As you were responding, I’m hearing it was a timing thing. I don’t know that we were ready to even explore ideas like that prior to now, the culmination of collective consciousness. I’m talking to more and more people who’ve created devices, mechanisms, something that does something external, but when applied correctly can actually aid the internal process as well. But what you’re saying is so true, it’s not a Band-Aid. You still have to be willing to do the clutter, but it may actually speed it up. Now I’m curious.

I believe that because it has to have an effect on it. How can it? If you read any Feng Shui books, the first thing that they say is “Clear your clutter.” If you want to change your life, clear your clutter. It’s kind of the same principle.

I was thinking, as you’re talking, I had a client that is interesting. Her home was very organized except for three rooms. They had what I call a “mother-in-law suite” and it was filled, it was extreme clutter. One of the things I figured out when working with her, is she began to associate all the clutter with safety. I’m like, we have to break that, we have to clear it physically, and we have to come up with a game plan. When you’re feeling unsafe, where else in the house can you go to so that your immediate reaction? Because if you’re talking on that basic level of clutter, that someone is believing that that helps keep them safe. Until you switch that internally, you’re not going to be able to get rid of the stuff in the physical.

I believe that too. That brings up all kinds of cool concepts around Feng Shui and yourself. What does that look like? Where do you go and hide inside yourself?

We do a lot of energy work, our experts do. And in terms of even the home environments, and in the body where you’re storing things, I do think that our external environment is a reflection of that. I use the imagery of imagining a movie projector coming out of your torso, and everything around you is a projection of energy, vibrations, frequencies that are happening within. That can be fun to start playing with some of that stuff and seeing what that connection is. I know that I see it a lot in our life. Like, if we’re not cautious about keeping the house picked up, especially specific rooms. I love that you’ve mentioned that. It definitely has an impact on us.

But I want to bring up a point too, that’s interesting. I work with a coach every month and she also runs women’s groups. A lot of people would go into her home and think it’s cluttered because she has a bunch of crystals and different tools. She has a lot of crystal balls and sound healing bowls and things of that nature. However, it’s not clutter because she uses everything in her home. So that’s something for people to think about again. You don’t know if you walk into someone’s home. It’s not clutter for her because she uses everything. And it feels fantastic because you’re constantly working on the energy of her home. And so you’re like, it feels so great to be here.

I think that is the absolute difference. If you don’t trust yourself folks to feel things energetically yet, the a good rule of thumb is take observation of:

• What have you not used in a while?
• How long is that thing then sitting there?

Even books, anything that has no kind of life to it, move things around. Move a picture around and see if it’s been sitting in the same space for a while because, until you have honed the ability to really gauge that subtle difference in resonance between frequencies, you may not realize just how much something is pulling you. It can kind of wreak havoc. If you’re doing all the processes we talk about, all the steps, all the work that the experts are advising you to do, and yet you’re not seeing certain results, Check Your Space. That may be a great conversation to have. I appreciate the fact that Jules came on the show to help share some of that, so I’m sure she’s a good resource for that.

Absolutely. I love how you’re talking about energy and learning how to feel that because I think that that is so important. Relying on our intuition. How many of us have ignored our intuition? It’s that voice who’s here to support you and dismissing it.

I can talk about many times my intuition has saved my life. It’s something that I don’t take for granted. Being aware of that energy so you’re aware. You’re not vibrating at the same level with someone, A-Ok, then turn and walk away. There’s nothing wrong with that. The more you’re in tune with that and that’s all aware, that helps guide you through your life and it makes your life easier. The more that you can do that and trust it.

My folks have heard me say this many times, and to reiterate it: It’s Laws of Physics. Like energy seeks to balance itself. It’s so much easier for your energy to get pulled into spaces it’s already been, one that you’ve already been consciously aware of. Then for you to pull a bunch of other people up into space that they may not have been consciously aware of yet, that’s a lot of the work that we do, teaching people to detach from their own energy fields, when they go back down off the mountain do their work in the world. You’ve got to have some tools or some resources to do that because otherwise you blink and you’re like, “how did I get back here.” Of course, you’re not “back there.” The way that I describe it here lately is this swirling mass this maelstrom of chaos, just right under our feet and it just keeps getting more and more tumultuous. I think it had something to do with the election, but it was just whirling and swirling and it’s so easy to dip your toe in and check it out to see what’s happening down there. You can do it but you better know how to pull on that vine to get yourself out of that quicksand because you will get sucked in.

I have to tell you, one thing that I did this year and am doing this year, is I have my Facebook page is public, it’s separate from my business page. I am posting a daily gratitude every day this year. I felt really moved. I said, “OK you want me to do this, Intuition. I’m just going to do and follow you.” If I had not done all the work on myself, if I had not continually been working on myself, being in gratitude, this election would have probably made my head explode. When I don’t engage, and when I see, I can step back and say, “OK they’ve got some unresolved issues.” It’s, “that’s about them, how I respond is about me.” I’m really happy with how I’ve responded because I get it.

The other thing is, and I see this with a lot of people, is the fear is immense right now. So, I’m holding space for truth. I’m going to trust the process, and trust the outcome. I believe the good thing about this election is that I believe it’s “The Awakening.” People like Bernie Sanders have started a revolution. I’m not a fan of Trump. I don’t want to get into politics. However, to me, he represents a revolution on the right. People saying, “We don’t want the status quo. We don’t want career politicians.” That’s the good I’m taking out of it. Hopefully, people in all areas of the political spectrum are like, “We need a change, something else needs to be different.” And so, that’s what I’m taking from it: OK it started. It’s not where we started.

I agree and love that you mentioned, how I would interpret, that position of neutrality. The detachment piece is so crucial. When you sit in that space, we really can observe things and look around and say, “Oh, well, that’s interesting.” And allow for the nuances, and allow for the depths of symbolism. I choose to view the world entirely symbolically, and when you do that, there’s no end to the synchronicities in the agreements. You just never know what everything serves, and it’s difficult to know in the moment. Sometimes it takes being out of it to really see.

It’s kind of like how people ask me all the time, “How did a spy end up here.” In the midst of it I could have told you that, but It makes perfect sense in a weird way. I can look back and see all the little benchmarks. It really does line up in a cool, unique, intriguing fashion. In the midst of it, it’s always difficult. I caution clients all the time not to try to find meaning in the moment, just leave space that there is meaning, and that’ll get you through. Then you can understand it, after the fact. I appreciate so much of what you were saying there.

So, obviously, you’re here to do your part in changing the world and all kinds of fun stuff. What does that look like for you.? How did you get to this space, and how is it that you’ve positioned it at least internally, the work that you do here in the world?

Wow. I would say, I’m always evolving. And so, one of my things is what else is possible? I always want to be open. If I’m being taken down a different path and led that way, I’m going to trust that. So, what gets me excited is when I support people clearing their clutter, then they get rid of their junk, and they can share their gifts with the world. Then it’s like the domino effect. The more that that happens, that allows people to share their gifts. And what a great world we would live in if we were all doing that!

One of the ways I am, I work with a coach every month. I like to say she kicks my butt every time I go in there, and it’s a true statement. It’s a combination energetic work and coaching work. I also do a couple of groups with her, and that’s about keeping my internal clutter clear and making sure that I’m the best that I can be, so that I can be the best to support other people. It’s constantly unfolding, and I’m in awe of that.

I really appreciate that you said that. That’s the major premise of the NET. Our membership group here at Super Power Experts, is the concept of having that accountability, having that energetic connectivity, having mentors, that’s what the experts serve. I think it’s so crucial for people to know we’re all walking our own walk. While nobody can walk yours with you, we can certainly walk beside each other and serve as that. And so, I love that you practice what you do, that it’s not just something that you say to people, but you really do take that seriously for yourself. I appreciate that.

It’s interesting. I think the word authenticity gets a bad rap because people have misinterpreted it. And so, I believe authenticity, maybe if you’re a woman, coming from your womb, coming from your heart, coming from your soul. When you are authentic, it just changes your life. People pick up on that, whether or not they can articulate it. What I think has gotten twisted in our world, is people saying that they’re authentic, and they really aren’t. So, again, picking it up on an energetic level, even if they can’t articulate that and it’s so important, just to be yourself and honor yourself. Are you going to fall down? Absolutely! But then you get right back up. And if you learn something, then it’s not a mistake.

I appreciate that. The experience of it is always far greater when you have that kind of wonderment, looking at it that way. It does become a very powerful existence. The idea that we know, we sense. I think you’re right. I think a lot of people refer to authenticity as speaking your mind.

I remember going through this process my husband where he was mastering the whole coming from authenticity, coming from that intrinsic voice, that internal voice. And I would turn and be like, “Look, I am not interested in having a conversation with your mind, at all. If you want to talk to me about something truthful, then, absolutely, I will talk all day long.” That was years ago, and now I find myself having that conversation with our seven-year-old, with the same passion. I will teach you to feel that resonance, and when you want to have a dialogue around something true, then you have all my time in the world. When you come from the head, though, I’m just not interested. And I’m really standing in that space so she can feel that and know her own truth.

It’s powerful to watch her go through that and really get on a lot of levels early on with a real dialogue around “How do you get what you want?” And the way to do that is to really recognize, OK if this, then this. If I’m saying these words, these are the consequences. If I’m acting in this way, these are the consequences. And she’s learning quickly, if she chooses to come from a lower frequency aspect of herself, there are consequences of that. It’s such a delight to watch somebody her age go through that in such a pure fashion, with all of the books! To be able to really work with that. Whereas, I think as adults, we tend to be more sophisticated and we quiet down those little voices, she doesn’t. So, it’s nice to see, she’s like the external representation of what most people go through internally. It’s really fascinating to watch, and it helps me understand a lot of the voices my clients have all the more.

I want to move into our conversation around the whole Live In Your Power Moment. Can you give us an example of a time when you got that intuitive hit of that inner guidance, and you took action, and what transpired because of it?

I’ll tell you two quick stories:

So the first was, the name of my business is Re-Awaken Your Brilliance, and that was the name of the Internet TV show. I loved it so much. So, I was trying to think of a name for it. When I did this TV show, I had a producer. He’s like, “When are you going to do you do your TV show?” And I was thinking, “Ah! I need to come up with the name of it.” So I played around with Thrive, it didn’t feel right. I sat down to meditate and I heard Re-Awaken Your Brilliance. I quit meditating, I ran to the computer, and there was nothing, meaning, doing a Google search. And so, that became the name of the TV show and the business and it fits what I believe. We are all brilliant, we just have to reawaken it because we’ve forgotten it.

And the other thing I wanted to share with you that I think will be really valuable is, a couple of weeks ago, someone had hired me to do some work for them. I always follow up a couple of days before confirmed appointments, and I didn’t hear from her. And so I text her because that was her preferred communication. I said, “I haven’t heard from you. I’m going to go ahead cancel your appointment.”

[She] went off on me.

Now, I didn’t even have the address for this person. I ask for an assessment to be filled out, to be prepared. She said she was going to destroy me on social media. As a small business owner, social media can be great, and then you can have these things like, sometimes you don’t have the option to respond. That scared the crap out of me. That was a fear mind. What did I do? I’m laughing.

We have a couple of black cats. Antonio, is like a cat that likes to be walked. Antonio and I were out walking. I stopped, and in that moment, I let all my fear come up. I didn’t try to push it down. I didn’t try to judge it. And probably, a minute or two, it was intense, but I felt the fear. And then it lifted. And then the moment had passed.

In the past, I would have gone straight into my head, and I would’ve gone into my ego too. “Oh, my God! I’m going to go out of business, or blurb,” and then drop down into monkey mind. And the other thing I did was, I’ve done that, I’ve let the emotion go, and then I took action.

So, I reached out to two people that I know, who know more about social media. And one’s a good friend of mine, she said, “Here’s our plan of attack: If they do talk to you on social media, you’re on a step by step, I’m sorry that that wasn’t good enough. “She had a better phrase than that. I talked to someone else I know, and he’s like “I don’t think she’s going to do anything because she’s an older person, and here’s why.”

So, I had prepared, I took action, and then I released it, and nothing happened. It was about honoring how I felt and not trying to change that because I think so often we stuff down our emotions. And then taking action because I needed support. So, I reached out for help. I think a lot of times, especially as women we are the support for the entire world, and don’t take it upon ourselves when we need to be supported. I did that, and then I let it go. In the past, I would have acted completely different. I was thrilled that that was how I handled something that was stressful.

I love that! Such a great example. Both are phenomenal examples. I really, really like the second one and the steps that you followed of really feeling that. And then taking action. You talk about authenticity got a bad rap, so did the law of attraction in the sense that you could sit on your couch all day long and manifest your pores appearing outside. And yes, perhaps, down the road that is exactly how things will transpire but only if action has been taken somewhere. In the action of preparedness, not out of fear, but just out of staying in action and doing what you need to do, it alters everything. So those steps are powerful. Very cool.

Well, you are fantastic. I really enjoy you!

Back at ya!

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If they go to, they can find out what I’m up to, what I’m doing, and how I could support them. They can also check out my podcast Clearing the Clutter: Inside and Out, it’s on iTunes, a bunch other places, and also on YouTube. I do it as videos, as well.

Very cool. I personally plan to keep you close, so I will go check those out. I appreciate you spending some time with us today.

Thank you, and thank you for all the grooviness that you are putting out into the world.

Awesome, and that’s right back at you. Very cool.

So, all of our listeners out there, of course, as always, we appreciate your loyalty. Until next time, go out uncover your Super Powers and Change the World. Take care everyone! Buh-Bye!