Do you struggle to get your cards sent out each year? Has sending out cards lost its joy and become clutter?  Do you like the idea of cards but would like to do something different?

Make sure to read all my blogs this month to help prepare you for a stress free holiday.  Part 2 of holiday cards blog will be posted on October 18th and the 3rd part will be on October 21st.

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Got Holiday Clutter?

For a long time I didn’t send out Christmas, that’s what we celebrate, cards, but once I got married, I chose to.  Sending out holidays cards can be fun and great for your personal or professional life.  It’s easier if you are organized. But, you don’t have to send out cards in order to spread some cheer.

According to Hallmark, in 2015, 1.5 billion cards were sent last Christmas/Holiday season. I suspect it is higher than that though. My mother is an artist and designs her own cards every year, so her cards, as well as others, would not be included in the stats.  Around 500 million e-cards are sent each year.

The greeting card association shared that 9 out of 10 Americans say they look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards because cards allow them to keep in touch with friends and family and make them feel they are important to someone else.


Getting Organized: Declutter Holiday Cards

If you are going to send out holiday cards, now is the time to start planning.  Breaking it down into manageable tasks ensure that you will be able to get out your cards and not add to holiday stress!

The first thing you are going to want to do is create your list. I recommend doing on the computer, or in an app or in an excel spreadsheet like I do.  It is easy to update every year.  If someone sends you a change of address in summer, you can quickly update your card list. Make life easy and make a rule that this document will always have the most up to date addresses. 

Establish a deadline for when you want to get cards out. I like to send right after Thanksgiving.  The holidays are crazy enough as it is, so I personally like my December cleared.  By getting them out early, there is a good chance people will actually receive them before the holiday passes!


Write down all the steps you need to do. You can keep it in an app, computer, or in a notebook.  You could also use a calendar and fill out a step for every few days.

Begin with your list. When making your list, or if you already have one, think about trimming your list. I always send older people cards as they are more likely to appreciate.  I also know friends that really enjoy receiving cards so I make sure they are on the list. Long-standing friends receive cards as well, but I do cull every year.  People that I am really not in touch with or not spending time with or no longer on the list.  Spend the time now going through and trimming your list. Determine the number of cards you will need.

Who can you cut from your card list? Who would you like to add? How can you best get organized for sending out holiday cards?

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