Would you like to create a space that brings you peace and joy? Why is it important to have a sacred space?  Are you not sure where or what to put in your sacred space? Learn how to create a sacred space.

As I was dusting and decluttering and doing spring cleaning, I had a desire to spruce up my sacred space.

I also had a client that I worked with who had a spouse that was well on his way to being a hoarder. One of the things we did was carve out a space for her to read and write. She might not have called it sacred, but it was.  For her.  Brought her peace and she could work on things that bring her joy.

How-Can-I-Clear-My Home-Space? How Can I-Clear-Energetic-Clutter?

Why Create a Sacred Space?

Private sanctuary for prayer, meditation, and reflection.

A place for peace, to recharge and renew.

Create a safe haven.

Cultivate deeper connection.

Better health and wellness.

What Is A Sacred Space?


Sacred space is any space or area that has been dedicated to a spiritual purpose. It can be in your home, a space in your office, your garden, or in a hotel room.

What Does “Sacred” or “Spiritual” Mean To You? Spend some time thinking about what makes a space sacred for you. Remember that this space is yours. Honor your heart’s desires. Trust your intuition to show you where to put it, what to include, how to use it — and see where it takes you.
This space is a great way to connect with yourself to listen to your inner wisdom. No one size fits all as sacred means different things to different people.

What Will Your Sacred Space Provide You With?

Think about what purpose you’d like your it to provide and also decide how you want to use it.

Set an intention for your space. Decide who will be there.

Ask yourself what you want to use your space for:

  • Meditation and prayer, or simply for quiet reflection?
  • Find peace?
  • Designate a shared space for connecting with others, or for ritual or ceremony?
  • Co-create a family altar that continually evolves?
  • Deepen intimacy through regular family time in a special place?

Express Yourself & Activate Your Senses

Choose the sounds, smells, looks and feels that are heavenly to you. What looks, feels, sounds, tastes and smells good to you?

Consider using a screen, curtain or other boundary to make your sacred space feel more contained, relaxing and personal.

What speaks to you, inspires you, moves you?

  • Mementos: personal items that are meaningful to you. I have crystals.
  • Art: I have my mom’s paintings
  • Photographs of loved ones and/or special places
  • Traditional symbols of divine and protective energies
  • Nature, such as stones I have on my front porch from Alaska
  • Candles and incense, essential oils
  • Plants and flowers
  • Favorite music
  • Divination tools like Oracle Cards
  • Sacred texts or words of wisdom

You can use this space to mark the change of seasons, endings & beginnings, special occasions, celebrations, decision-making; or whatevever speaks to you.

Allow your space to evolve over time. Find more things to place in it and clear out items that aren’t as useful to you anymore. Create new rituals and intentions for it as your own spiritual practice grows.

Declutter & Maintain Your Sacred Space

You knew decluttering was coming, but it’s especially important in this area where the energy is sacred. Consider using natural cleaners and clearing energetic clutter regularly.

As you are cleaning and decluttering set your intentions. 

Have fun. Sage, sound, candles…what speaks to you.

Set the intention of your space as you grow and evolve.

Take actions from today’s declutter your life blog on creating a sacred space:

  • Find an area of your home where you can create a sacred or spiritual space.
  • Declutter and clean and sage the space.
  • Decide what purpose the space will serve.
  • Check in with your intuition.  What objects and items do you want to include here?
  • Fill your space.
  • Commit to spending time daily in your space.

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