If you are clear on what’s important, it’s easier to release clutter. Being able to make decisions is the foundation of organizing as well. If you don’t make decisions easily, know you can strengthen your decision-making skills. I speak from experience; in college, my nickname was “Indecisive One”.


I was always so worried that I would make the wrong decision or that I would anger someone. I spent so much time worrying about these things that I would stay paralyzed with fear. It’s not a fun place to be, so I hope that you’ll learn some decision making skills a lot earlier than I did!


Ask yourself: What are your priorities? Family? Business? Losing weight? Relationships? Concentrate on right now, not future priorities.   Maybe your finances are in trouble and you need to address that or you went to the doctors and you were told you have to reduce your cholesterol.


If you don’t have anything pressing to address, take the next week or so and jot down EVERYTHING you consider/wish/believe to be a priority. Don’t analyze or censure yourself. If you come up with something “crazy” honor it–sometimes that’s where we find our heart’s desire.


Sometimes we can’t make decisions because we are afraid we will make the wrong decision.   Here are a few tips but I encourage you if you are challenged in this area to look into books that go into more details or taking a class:


  • Go with your gut response or intuition. It’s there for a reason!
  • Ask yourself if the decision is really meaningful. If not, make a choice or flip a coin.
  • Set a deadline to research facts and information to assess your options.
  • Consult a friend who has been though the same issue.
  • Brainstorm and come up with several choices. Determine if the options are compatible with your values, interests and abilities.
  • Make a list of the pros and cons. Prioritize which considerations are most important to you.

My current priorities:

  • spending time with my husband and our cat;
  • cooking from scratch as much as possible; and
  • creating declutter your life products to support people.


I am going to encourage you to concentrate on no more than three priorities. Review your list and pick the three most significant. You can always keep a running list that you can refer to later on down the road. Sometimes life changes and that list will come in handy.


Once you have figured out your priorities, begin to spend time on them!

What is your biggest challenge when making a decision? How do you make a choice when you’re unsure? What decision making tips will you use from today?



Go out clear some clutter to create the life you choose, deserve & desire!

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