Creating Routines to Simplify Life

Today on the Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out blog, I’m talking about routines! Are you searching for your keys in the morning because you forgot where you put them? Do you easily get overwhelmed or feel mentally fuzzy? Have you shown up at work dressed casually forgetting you had an important meeting? Let’s clear some clutter with routines.

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Creating Routines

Routines build good habits, increase our efficiency by getting more done in less time and can reduce clutter by easing your mind and reducing your stress. They help us focus to get the important things done. You save time if you do things regularly instead of letting everything pile up.


Here’s a fun statistic. Today found that most of us take less than half an hour to get ready in the morning, 38% of women & 21% of men spend longer than 30 minutes getting ready in the mornings – that amounts to 7.6 days spent preening each year. The 4% of women and 1% of men who take longer than one hour getting ready spend more than 15 days a year in preparing to leave the house. And if you can’t find things, you are spending even more time to get out of the house in the morning.


How about you? How much time do you take to do your morning beauty routine? Can you establish some other routines if you need to take that much time to look your best?

If you haven’t had routines, now is a great time to start. If you have kids, even better! You will be prepared in the fall when school starts.

Morning Routines

Here are some suggestions to start your day the right way.


Before I have hopped out of bed, I set my intention for the day. I visualize what a great day I am going to have.


Time your showers. I can get lost in the shower because I will daydream. Time it so you don’t slow down.


Eat a good breakfast. Many people skip and that can cause lots of bad habits like eating too much at lunch or eating too much junk food.


I mentioned that stat at the beginning of the episode, so I suggest having a daily make up routine and consider simplifying. Maybe it does take someone an hour to get ready, or maybe they can’t find their make up in the morning.

Tips for Creating Routines

My day make up is really basic. I have all my day make up in a small cosmetic bag that I can use in my bathroom, or in the downstairs bathroom or take with me.


If you are really busy, consider a hairstyle that takes less time to maintain. If you are having to spend an hour on your hair in the morning and you are always late, this might be helpful. And it is fun to change your look!


Double-check the weather! You don’t want to leave the house without an umbrella if there is a forecast for rain!


Do NOT check emails; most likely you’ll end up reading twice. If you are checking in bed you most likely cant do anything bout it and will do it when you get to the office or at your computer.


If you have time, do some dinner prep now because it will save you time and after a long day might be worth it.


What routines can you implement? Who else in your house would benefit from routines? What morning routines are you going to start? What routines do you do now that you love?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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