Office Areas: Spaces & Zones

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I am a fan of creating office areas in your home office. Even if your home office is a small desk area, you can still create spaces for everything.


Set up office areas for the work that takes place in your office: paying bills, library, filing, reference, and office supplies. Keep broad categories to make it easier to find stuff. I have a library/reference area. On one shelf are reference books to anything work-related: organizing, Feng Shui, writing, a thesaurus, etc. My personal books are also on the same bookcase but are separated.


Because both my husband and I use the office and it combines both personal and professional, zones are very helpful. Business files are separate from home files.


I also have an area for podcasting. Because I do it on a regular basis, everything is set up in one zone. Nothing else is in that zone so it doesn’t become cluttered and is easy to find.

Inspiration for Office Areas

Your space needs to not only have good working conditions such as lighting and comfort, but you also need to be inspired to be there. Even if it is to pay bills and taxes, if you are more inspired to be there you are more likely to get the tasks done that you need to.


Here are some ways to make your space inspiring:


Color! Add color! Paint the walls; add a beanbag or colorful throw pillows. There are lots of options to brighten up a space. Put whatever your favorite is that energizes and inspires you or calms you and brings you peace. Whatever is most important for you to feel in that space, add that color!


Quotes, pictures, artwork that inspires you. Whatever motivates you, place it here. If it is a picture of the beach that reminds you the pay off for paying the bills, place that here. If a quote on gratitude to remind you to be grateful when paying bills, put it here. Having things that inspire you, without creating clutter, make a difference.

Personal items such as family photos can make the area warm and inviting. We have a cat tree in front of the window in our office that the cats use. We love having the pets in our office while we do work.


Set up a mini shrine and have a zone of random things that motivate you.


Feng Shui


In every Feng Shui book I have read, experts recommend first clearing clutter. Once you have cleared the clutter and gotten organized you can have some fun with Feng Shui.

Here are some Feng Shui tips when it comes to designing and creating your office space:

  • Your desk should face the door to welcome business
  • Entryway to your home/business: the door shouldn’t stick; the path is clear; see #’s easy to find & read
  • Power: water, black, undulating shapes (water), mirrors, glass; metal, white, round
  • Symbols of the path you want to be on
  • Bad: dirt, squares, earth tones, pictures of what don’t want to do


Takeaways from today’s blog:

  • Set up zones for the work that takes place in your office: paying bills, library, filing, reference, and office supplies.
  • Create a home off with good working conditions such as lighting and comfort, but also a place that inspires you to spend time in
  • Add inspiration to your space with color, pictures, quotes, and artwork to create a space you want to spend time in.



What do you need to add to your space for inspiration? Are you interested in trying Feng Shui? What zones can you create?

Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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