Is your make up neat and organized or is it a source of clutter in your bathroom or other areas of your home? Do you regularly purge your cosmetics or are you still holding onto your blue eye shadow from the 80s?


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The first step I am going to suggest is releasing expired makeup. It’s really important because if you wear bad cosmetics you could get: pink eye, inflammation which can lead to redness, bumps, a rash, or even blisters and swelling. You could also not have sunscreen protection. Pitching expired make up should be a no brainer and an easy first step if you are having trouble decluttering your makeup.

Checking the Expiration Date

While I try to be as green as possible, if something’s expired, it’s time to let it go. Stop your clutter before it starts and think through your cosmetic purchases. If you’re regularly pitching stuff, it may be time to rethink the make up you’re buying.


This is a great resource: lets you put in batch code and determine if your make up has expired.


If you don’t have a batch code, here are some guidelines. I researched a few sites and found some general consensus.

Mascara: Throw out after 3-6 months. If it smells bad, pitch it.


Eye & Lip Pencils: It can last up to 5 years. If there’s a white tip on pencil liner that you can’t get rid of by sharpening or shaving, release. If a liquid liner is starting to get dry or clumpy, toss.


Eye shadows last around two years. If you see changes in color and or smell, time for the trash.


Lipstick/lip gloss: after two years it has expired. If it has dried out or changed textures, pitch now. It won’t go on easily and won’t look creamy.


Foundation/Concealer: Most water-based foundations last up to a year while oil-based foundations last up to 18 months. (you want to look for changes in color, texture, smell to indicate if is past the expiration date.

Concealers: are good for up to 2 years. (changes color, texture, smell indicate if they have gone bad.) Stick concealers should last you up to two years whereas liquids are good for one year.


Blush: Cream-based lasts 12 to 18 months and powder up to 2 years. If blush has expired it has a dull gray film or look for any change in texture. Powder blushes tend to last longer than cream blushes.


Natural products usually last 3-6 months. If you keep in the refrigerator they’ll last a little longer, but the natural stuff goes bad more quickly.


How can you organize your make up? What’s most important to you? Do you have any make up that’s old and you should let go?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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