I was recently visiting my parents and boy was their cord clutter out of control.  Seriously, my brother and sister-in-law had asked if I could help organize it.  My parents are older and it was a lot easier for me to bend down and do the organizing. I wanted to use cord organizers so if there was a problem they could easily access the cord. 


Be Safe: Controlling Cord Clutter

My parents are like most people: they have a computer, a monitor, a printer, an internet connection, and a shredder.  All of these cords were creating chaos below. I was worried that they could get their feet tangled or possibly start a fire if one of the cords were to fray. These cord organizers make their desk area not only organized but also safer. 

I used these cord organizers from Blue Key World.  To purchase.

The cords provided effortless cord management. I would have preferred color ones because I like to color coordinate where I can, but my parents wanted black because they wouldn’t stick out.


Organize Your Desk for Controlling Cord Clutter

They were easy to use. You simply peel off the back sticker and place the cord organizer where you’d like. The sturdy sticky pads adhered quickly and were able to hold the weight of the cable; I wasn’t concerned about them falling off. As you can see from the pictures, they can hold a variety of cord sizes and width.

You can use these on, near, under or around your desk. If you want to get creative, you can use them to hold a pen or hold a toothbrush! I’m going to think of other ways that I can use these cords. I believe they would be great for people as they age or if they have physical challenges.

These cord organizers are eco-friendly and can be used on a wall or plastic, wood, glass, mental or rubber surfaces. 


Declutter Computer Cords

This is a simple step you can take to control cord clutter and get organized. It’s well worth your time and can be done quickly.

I’m happy to say that my parents desk area is now more organized and a lot neater. My mom hates clutter, so she was very happy to have her cords corralled now and eliminate cord clutter.

Tips: Think about other areas in your home or work space that have a lot of wires such as your entertainment or gaming area.

Count the number of cords you have so you know exactly how many cable clip organizers to purchase.  Don’t forget your computer, TV, cell phone charger, headphones, USB & internet cables, power cords, laptop, gaming console, HDMI, and audio wires to name a few.  

Have you organized your cords? Why or why not? How else have you cleared your cord clutter?

Please note that I was given these cord organizers in return for a review.  The company did not read my review prior to it being published.

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