Confessions: What do you long to share?

Do you long to get something off your chest but not sure who you can tell? Are you longing to share something but would prefer not to attach your name? Have you been needing to release a burden and prefer someone to bare witness? Learn about a really cool way to confess and share your confessions and secrets with the world!

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Julie Coraccio 0:01
Today on Clear Your Clutter inside now, we’re talking about anonymous confessing. Do you long to get something off your chest? But not sure who you can tell? Do you desire to share something, but would prefer not to attach your name? Have you been needing to release a burden and prefer someone to bear witness? Learn about a really cool way to confess as we wrap up our month focused on things I love? Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? Unclear your clutter inside now, we’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. Today’s episode was inspired. Because I once had someone say to me, we all benefit from confessing or sharing things to at least one person, meaning if we hold it inside, that that is usually not so good for us. And so we release the burden if we share it with someone that that allows us to confess, for lack of a better word, and that it makes it easier on us. And I once remember a fable or a tale and she would open up a hole in the ground and whisper to the ground, what she was thinking. And so one of the ways that I process and I probably talk a lot Kati a lot, my BFF because she’s that person for me, Tony is as well, but I won’t, if it’s women’s stuff, I won’t give him all that he doesn’t need to hear that. That’s what a good female friends before. And so, I have learned that when I’m able to share things, I just really released a really big burden a couple of days ago, I checked in with my mentor. And I said, you know, I’m really, as I leave, I was gonna post a Google Doc and put it on next door. And I wasn’t going to name names, but I was going to talk about how we’re being harassed and how we’ve documented everything. And well, one of the things I did is I took, I’ll talk about a little more I went to the governor’s mansion, they wouldn’t take it. I stopped by Lieutenant Governor’s office, and they loans great. And she said, I’d take it to the attorney general. So I went there. And they said, put it in the slot. But they said, go online and fill out a form because we’re all working from home, and it’ll get read more quickly. So anyway, I’ve done that. That was kind of my big thing, too. I don’t expect anything to happen. I don’t expect any change. But I will have done everything that I could to have to let it go. So anyway, I was checking in with Judy. And she said, ya know, to the next door thing, even if it’s anonymous, she said, see them attacking you and trying to sue you for libel. And I was like, Okay, that’s enough for me to step back. Even though I would say, I know, because I documented everything, everything is factually correct. And, and she gave me really good advice that I will pass on. She said injustice is a huge issue for you. And so she said, try and think of it as not losing. It’s not a lose versus win, but rather you planted a seed, something might not have happened, but then another seed will be happening, you never know when that will turn into a tree. So I just share that little tidbit of wisdom with you. Anyway. So I have a firm belief that you should always share something and release your burdens. And then I saw this in my apple newsfeed I saw it and I traced it, it was from a May 2 2021. And it’s not a product or a project or a product. But I just thought it was really cool. And if you’re really needing to share an unreleased burden that this would be a good thing for you. So it’s from May 2 2021 article from NPR. He asked strangers about things they regret not saying and their replies were car 30 So if you want to go up and read the full article, so anyone that inspired today’s episodes, I encourage you to check it out. So anyway in 2018 he this man and I’m didn’t listen to it. So G loi Concepcion, and hopefully I’m doing it somewhat justice. He moved to San Francisco and he he came from the Philippines and his passion is photography. And so he ended up

as an immigrant kind of work through that process started to doing things. So he started on Instagram, I believe it is it’s called things you wanted to say but never did. And so what he would do is and so it’s a two part project. And I believe it started in 2009 19, because of COVID. And he’s posted more than 1000 images. So what he does is he takes the picture, like he uses his photography, and then he matches it with something that someone wanted to share. And so I thought this was a really incredible project. And so if you go to their Instagram, you should be able to find it. And I just think, because so many of us are visual, and to put a picture to what you’re expressing, I just think that it is an incredibly amazing idea, and what a way to get something off your chest. And, you know, sometimes we need to just share things with people we don’t know, or anonymously, I’ll never forget, there was a stretch in my life, where I people would just come up and start talking to me now I, at the time think there was probably a little bit of mental illness going on. And again, uh, gosh, I would say this really happened in my 20s a lot. And so I’m not, I can’t diagnose if they have something. And I’ll never forget, I went to a wedding in Maine. And she was like, you met the town crazy lady, because I think I’d asked for direction I’d stopped a change in a McDonald’s before the wedding because I was driving over from Vermont. And I wanted today, I thought, I’m not gonna say anything to the bride on her wedding day. But I had a long chat with this woman. And she disclosed to me she lost her husband in a war and lost her son, I believe it was would have been a golf for. I can’t imagine losing Tony. And I can’t imagine losing my only child. And so that would be enough to make me insane. Some people mistakenly believe that you’re either born organized, or you aren’t. That’s not true. Getting organized and clearing clutter, as well as learning to be more mindful and aware, is a skill that you can learn and will support you your entire life. Julie Coraccio is online classes and workshops are broken down into smaller chapters, each with manageable steps and action items for you to implement in video and audio, visit reawaken your to learn more. Anyway, so But that wasn’t the only instant this happened to me several times. And I believe that people were attracted to talking to me because I listened. I just sat and listened and I wasn’t in judgment, I can definitely be a judgy person, I’ve gotten much better. But for whatever reason, I never judged any of these people. And it was a way that they were able to unburden themselves to someone that they didn’t know. And I’m honored to be a part of that. So I think that it can be an incredibly moving experience. And I know, especially in these days, it would probably look at it differently if someone approached me with everything going on in the world. And so I wanted to share this because I think what he has done has been just really phenomenal. So some of the messages have said, I’m afraid the idea of me is far more interesting than the reality. So I can’t let anyone close. I find that absolutely heartbreaking. But I hope that after they shared that, that maybe they can realize, Wow, maybe I can talk to someone else about this. Maybe get a therapist, a coach, psychologist, someone.

And I believe, again, if you can take that first step to share something and confess, that opens up the possibility that you’d be willing to get support. And he’ll did another one that said, I am 38 years old. I think I’m old, too old to make it now, I doubt that this person is listening to my podcast, but I’m gonna put it out to the universe, that if they don’t hear it from me, they hear it from someone else. My friend, you are not too late, not at all too late. And I’d encourage you to spend some time Googling and see all of the people who have been, quote unquote, overnight successes really late in life. Just keep with it. I’d encourage you to rethink your definition of success, and what it means to make it and define inspiration for me. Life just keeps getting better. doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges. But I think again, as you age then you are able to release more people’s expectations of you perhaps your expectations of yourself and don’t care what other people think so can be incredibly empowering. But I love these people were brave enough, because I don’t care. Even if you’re anonymous, it’s brave to do this. And I think that that’s incredibly empowering. He has had people, this was really powerful. And again, this is from the article that people say, you know, they’ve been struggling with depression. And someone wrote and said the same day, they’d been planning to take their own life, they discovered the project. And so I hope you’ll share this with others. And I would just want to say thank you, and that your project saved my life. I mean, that’s incredibly powerful. And Concepcion said, the idea that someone is going through the same thing makes it more bearable. I think that’s so true, you get the reassurance that you’re not alone on the road. And so that’s why I think that even if you aren’t interested in confessing that it might be worth it for you to check out this project. And it’s on Instagram, that and I will make sure that I put a link in the notes. You check out this project, because I’m betting that there’s some quote, and probably more than one that you can relate to. So not only do you have the opportunity to potentially confess and release yourself of a burden, you might feel like, wow, there’s someone out there like me, who feels this way, just know you’re not alone, you’re not alone. The other thing that I really appreciate about this project is that I know for me personally, it took me a long time, I did the the clear sight program. And after doing that for 13 months, and that was pretty intense, all in a good way. I was able to say something. And it took me the 13 months of going through class to be able to admit it. And I understand why and everything. And what I like about this project as well is that perhaps if you’re not ready to fake something, it will be that little seed that gets planted. That allows you to say, maybe I can take this first step, maybe something that I’ve always wondered what’s going on, I’m not sure and that I want to explore it further. And the other thing that I think that this can do can also give you perspective, maybe if you’re struggling with something in your life, and first I’d say never minimize what you’re going through ever, never ever. My point is never to do that. But sometimes I have found that having perspective helps. When I think of my biggest heartbreak, I think Oh, that would be an even bigger Heartbreak. Or I don’t know if I could do that. And so it just a project, an offer perspective. So again, his name is G loi G loi, it’s G loi Concepcion, and the project is things you wanted to say, but never did, and is on Instagram, and I encourage you to check it out. And maybe that’s not the project for you. But Google’s your friend, or DuckDuckGo is your friend, do some research and maybe there’s something similar, maybe there’s an audio project and that you could feel very empowered to leave on an anonymous audio clip. Now there’s there’s no right way to do this. It’s what you feel comfortable doing. And I hope that you’ll check it out. I think that it’s a lovely idea. And, again, if you don’t check out this project, you find something that allows you to release a burden, gain a new perspective to face something, because when you take action, you can begin to heal and when you heal you change your life. Take actions from today’s podcast. Share what you’re feeling.

Confess to someone what’s bothering you. express something and get it off your chest. Next month we’re talking about social clutter. Go out Clear Your Clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your guests with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. Even enjoy Clear Your Clutter inside now. Please rate review and share us

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