See the first part of our blog from January 11th where I offer more strategies for clearing the negative people from your life. When you hang around people who are complaining all the time, you probably will start kvetching and moaning and groaning.  Be aware of who is your life and how they are influencing you!


More Strategies for Releasing Complaining People


  1. Offer to be their accountability partner. When you are together if they start being negative, gently point it out.
  2. Set boundaries. If you continue to be negative, I am going to get up and walk away or change the subject.
  3. Allow the relationship to naturally fade away. Don’t make plans, take a long time to follow up with someone. Some people might not agree with it, but sometimes I think this is the best course of action. Some people aren’t open to conversations are really don’t want to change, and that is okay. But that doesn’t mean you have to try and make a conversation happen.
  4. Limit the time you spend with the person. This might be the only viable option in some cases.
  5. End the relationship is the most extreme, but it is an option. I recommend trying to have an honest conversation if possible.

That’s Life


Sometimes it’s no one’s fault when a friendship has ended. The relationship may have served its purpose and it’s time to move on. You can respect each person’s individual journey.


Try not to have any expectations. Someone may or may not hear what you have to say. You may be planting a seed and that’s great. It’s not our purpose to change others.

Self Care

Remember to have good self-care as well and have a game plan if someone can’t be avoided. Prepare for before, during and after. I like to envision myself with gold light surrounding me. I know others who wrap white light around themselves. Saging yourself or your home after someone has been there being also an option. If you’re at a family event, have a partner to support you in not having much interaction with someone. Ideally, you would get to the place where someone’s negative behavior didn’t affect you, but most of us aren’t there. And even if we are able to be neutral about some people, there are usually one or two that can throw us.


Takeaways from the two blogs on releasing negative people:


  1. You may not be able to end all negative relationships, but you can limit the amount of time and interaction you have with someone.
  2. Consider if the relationship is worth salvaging. If it someone you see twice a year, then it might not be worth it to have a conversation, but if is a close friend, it might be worth the difficult talk
  3. Have a plan for good self-care before, during or after dealing with someone unpleasant.


What relationship do you need to release? How can you easily do this? How will you celebrate when you’ve cleared your relationship clutter?

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