Here are some suggestions for clutter free wedding gifts.

NOTE: Some people might not want, use or like these ideas. That’s okay. They might have several registries that have what they desire.  We didn’t register a lot of places, but when people just got something they assumed that we’d like it eventually became clutter because we didn’t use it, need it, like it or love it. We understand that people were coming from the best possible place, but it just wasn’t useful.  We also had a homemade gift which we would have been fine with except that it didn’t match our tastes or style at all.

For the happy couple! Clutter Free Wedding Gifts

Here are some alternatives to wedding gifts that you can ask for when people want to give you gifts. You can ask for money for a honeymoon or for a big-ticket item like a home or landscaping. I know Ms. Manners is cringing somewhere. I am not a fan of this personally but to each his own. I understand not wanting to go into debt and using money towards big purchases.  We had people give us cash and it was greatly appreciated. I would not feel comfortable asking for cash, but the good news is technology can make it very useful and easy to do. For example, you could create a website with where you want to buy a home, what your style is, etc. and allow people to see the big picture you’re trying to create.

Maybe someone could rent a cool car for you to leave your wedding from. You could ask for an experience such as a hot air balloon ride to enjoy together or a cooking class. Maybe art is your thing and you would love a painting of your pooch or drawing of your cat. Personalized stationery would also be great for all the thank you notes they will be writing!

Other Ideas

If you are good to go, why not consider giving back? You could give to your favorite charity. Check out


Attempt to stop the clutter before it starts and register for what you really desire.

  • The Honey Fund & The Honeymoon Honeymoon registries
  • Hatch My House – House (as in building or buying one) registry
  • com &, My registry – Cross-company registries that has a huge range of options
  • Card Avenue – Specializes in gift cards
  • Seven Hopes United – specializes in marketing stylish, handmade, fair trade and eco-friendly gifts from around the globe. Your purchase ensures our artisans are paid a living wage for their work, working conditions are safe, and no children are exploited.”
  • Knack Registry – You can register for items, experiences and even services.

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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