Ready to live a clutter free life? Why do we sometimes cruise along in life?  Is your automatic response yes, when you really would like to say no? How can we get off autopilot?  Learn how to get off autopilot.

Awareness + Action = Change.

Do you know where you are on autopilot? If someone cuts you off in traffic do you give them the finger and scream? You’re probably on autopilot.  That could easily escalate into road rage. If you’re not on autopilot, you could take a deep breath and not respond.


How Get Off Autopilot

Move your body by walking, dancing, doing yoga or anything that brings you joy and gets you moving.

Unplug. I have mentioned this before and did a 10 minute decluttering episode on this.  There is a theme here…put it down, limit your time. If you need more suggestions, check out the episode on unplugging.

Take a familiar object from your home (such as a mug you’ve owned for years, an old photograph, a piece of clothing, or furniture) and examine it as if you’ve never seen it before. Let your thoughts about the object drop into the background as you offer it your full attention. Is there something you’d forgotten or never noticed before, or is your experience or reaction altered by your interest

Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone – at work and personally.

Take a class to learn something new, which stimulates your mental muscle and simultaneously connects you to people with similar interests. Take a different route to work.

Play: Consider things that are unstructured or bring you joy whether it’s drawing or picking up the guitar or reading a book that you haven’t given yourself permission to read or jumping on a trampoline. It’s about engaging that kid inside.  I think all of my spoirtual teachings have been like play more.  Recently gotmy supplies to do oil painting again.


Travel. Being with different people and different cultures can declutter your heart and your mind.

Get out in nature. When I’m upset, I hug a tree. I always feel better. It gets me grounded and in my body.

Breathe deeply. When I feel overwhelmed, I breathe. That gets me centered and back in my body. It clears the cobwebs and I think more clearly.

Feel your feelings.  directing awareness to a part of your body, noticing what sensations (if any) are present. In either case, notice how the experience feels right now, as you interact with it.

Create a sacred space. I did a whole episode on this where I share lots of tips and suggestions.

Take a risk – emotionally. The biggest risk, with the biggest pay off was telling my husband I loved him. I forced myself to tell another man right before I met my husband that I was interested in him. He wasn’t interested back, but it made me a bit more brave.

Volunteer. It’s always good to get outside of ourselves. It makes us see the bigger picture and that we are not only in our head and our life.

Explore in your own home town.  Take yourself out on a date. Get to know where you live.

Take actions for a clutter free life and get off of autopilot:

  • Discover where you are on autopilot.
  • Record where you notice you are on autopilot. Does it seem to happen at certain times of the day or after certain events.
  • Create a plan to switch it up and get off autopilot.
  • Try something from the shuffle my life app.
  • Pay attention. Are you on autopilot less? If not, what other changes can you make?

Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve, and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness, and how to organize your life.

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