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Clutter Free Awareness: Energetic Clutter

This might be a bit odd for people. Are you aware of how some people make you feel when you are around them? Does their energy feel good, or not so great? Compare how you feel before hanging out with them and after.

Social media is also a great place to check out energetic clutter. How do you feel when someone pops up in your feed? Excited or deflated? Do you seem to be more attracted to some people and not others?


If someone doesn’t feel good to be around, examine that. Could that be your intuition trying to tell you something?


Some people are an empath, which means the take on other people’s energy. Have you ever been around someone and then immediately feel ill? Or you might be in a great mood and your mood turns sour as you spend time with them. You notice that they are in a sour mood and you seemed to have matched that. If you are aware of energetic clutter and how certain people make you feel, you can take steps to protect yourself.


Self awareness is great.


Once you become more aware personally, how can you bring that into the world? How aware are you of the people around you? Family? Friends? Co-workers? Neighbors?


In my daily life, I would say most people’s awareness of others is small. I was at the post office recently and there was a sign up, please move to the side to pack your packages so we can serve others. The woman ahead of me was oblivious to this. Talking on the phone, waiting to get approved to send something. It was well over 5 minutes. I was the only one behind her, but by the time she got off the phone, there were 10 people. Some of us could have been served. She was completely oblivious to the sign. The clerk asked her to move over to pack her shipment. Think about standing in line witnessing this.

Or people who litter. That’s a personal pet peeve. Someone has to pick up your trash. If you are aware of that and don’t care, that’s worth examining, too. I believe how we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. If you disrespect someone you also disrespect yourself.


Where do you want to find more awareness? I encourage you to spend the next week on one area.


What’s your energetic clutter? How do you plan on releasing it? What room do you want to energetically clean right now?


Go out gain some awareness to clear some clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire.

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