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Clutter Awareness: Mental

I talk a lot about living in the present moment because that is the point of power to create and change your life.


If you become aware of whether you are present or living in the past or the future, that’s a first step. You become more aware of where you are living. Taking that further, you can become aware you spend most of your time in the past. When you realize that, take it to another level. Why are you spending most of your time in the past? What are the patterns you have developed? Maybe you need to speak up for yourself or have better boundaries. Now that you are aware of that, what action can you take?


Emotional Clutter

Are you aware of how you truly feel? Many of us bury, don’t acknowledge or honor our emotions.


Maybe you are challenged that you share your emotions with the world all of the time. You burst into anger easily or weep uncontrollably at the drop of the hat.


With either example, you can become more aware. What is causing this? Was it an event, a person? What needs to heal? What needs to change in your life? Do you need to be more aware of triggers? I feel emotions are flags signaling us to get our attention.


Once you have become aware, what plan can you put in place to positively support you?


Spiritual Clutter: Are You Aware?

When I was living in LA, my brother said to me you see yourself as a victim. In that moment, I knew he was right. Someone else might have told me before, but I wasn’t able to hear it. When I learned that, I embarked on a journey to figure out why I felt that way. I enrolled in a program called Clearsight that allowed me to figure out a big part of where it came from. Once I did that, I could begin the healing process.


This is something I still work on today. My feeling like a victim has become much more subtle, so in certain situations I sit quietly and ask a lot of questions. I am laughing as I write this. I have been contemplating how to respond to someone who has been less than honorable with me. Until I started to write about this, I couldn’t see that part of my struggle is I feel victimized. The more you practice this, the more your awareness increases. When you become more aware, you can take action.


How aware of you of your mental clutter? What emotional clutter do you need to be aware of? How about your spiritual clutter? Where in general do you need to become more aware in your life?

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