Clearing Physical Clutter: Getting Closure Part 2

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 Clearing Physical Clutter for Peace of Mind

Do you have souvenirs and mementos from an ex-relationship from years ago? Is your house filled with antique furniture you hate that was given to you by your family? Have you held onto something from someone you are no longer speak to? Learn about clearing physical clutter for closure.

After you have taken some time to honor yourself, Take a step forward. What steps can you take? Remember nothing is set in stone. You may have to try things on a few times before you find something that clicks. Make it a priority to honor whatever comes your way if it’s supportive. I always like to ask clients what step can you take right now. Ask yourself that question.


Finally, consider having a ceremony to honor what you are letting go of. Fire is a popular one, such as a burning bowl. But it doesn’t have to be this. Whatever makes you feel good and supports you. I have heard of a Divorce party and think this is wonderful.   Celebrate moving onto a new part of your life. Do work at a charity where you donate. When you do for others you get a lot of benefits.

Remember everything is energy. Try and challenge yourself to release any other physical clutter around this time. Maybe it isn’t related to what you are trying to get closure on, but you are motivated to release it. If the mood strikes for more decluttering, go for it!

What stuff do you need to get closure on?

Finding closure helps you move forward unencumbered and optimistic. With a little bit of time, you may be able to see the lessons learned or golden nuggets, as I like to call them. It also may allow you to have gratitude.


When we clear clutter we can create the life we choose. If you are longing for a relationship, where is the space for that if you are pining and holding onto physical evidence of a failed relationship or relationships? How can someone new come into your life when the past is all around? Cheryl Richardson talked about something in a book I read years ago. I don’t remember the name, but she talked about the drip drip drip in the back of your mind. Even if it is out of site, it is not out of your mind. Turn the faucet off with closure.


Take the time to think about where you need closure in your life and what represents that in your physical stuff and clutter, And yes, even if you like or love something it is still clutter if it is keeping you tied to the past, keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forward.

Take aways:

  • If we don’t get closure it can be like an open wound; we continue to pick at it and it never really heals. We remain hurt and stuck and cannot move forward.
  • Honor your need to grieve, scream or cry. There’s no timetable and one size fits all formula. If you have been stuck a long time, get feedback from people you trust to check in to see if you need to get professional support to move through this event, person, etc.
  • Finding closure helps you move forward unencumbered and optimistic. With a little bit of time, you may be able to see the lessons learned or golden nuggets and have gratitude.


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Go out clear some clutter to create the life you choose, deserve & desire!

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