What spiritual commandments do you live by? Would you like to learn every day principles to put into action?  Curious about the principles your host lives by to declutter her life? Learn the way of the everyday enlightenment.

Today I wanted to do things a little differently without so much emphasis on the physical as on the mental, emotional and spiritual.  Our clutter is on the inside, too and our inner life deserves as much attention as our outer life

I was going to do it on The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  Went to my bookcase and I don’t have the book. I did however have everyday enlightenment. And then I thought. Why in the heck am I doing a book review? I walk my talk and just gave a big presentation to a corporation on decluttering your life. I was thrilled that they chose this and I thought I would share the principles of how I try to live my life.


While I am taking a break from my studies, (when the student is ready the teacher will come) I’m really practicing what I have learned and trying to apply it every single day.  I am that work in progress always hoping to go up that spiral. I also know when I am ready to learn more, the teacher will appear. 

At first, I was like, can I even come up with five and then they all started pouring out of me.  Here is Julie’s Top 10 Everyday enlightenment. My spiritual lifestyle.  Of course, at the bedrock is increasing my awareness and then taking action.  That is the only way I am going to change my life.  And, of course these are subject to change, so perhaps I will do another episode down the road.

When I do these practices, or recognize and honor them, I have more peace in my life.  I am happier.  If I fall off, I get back up.  This is also fluid. I don’t wake up reciting these.  Someone screams at me. Stop take a deep breath, okay remember…

1.  What others do and say is about them; how I respond is about me.

Big one from me. I got this from the four agreements. Talk about an aha moment. I wish I would have learned this in my 20a.

2.  Where the attention goes the energy flows.

  Simply put, what I focus on expands.

3. Progress, not perfection. I used to feel like there was this end point that I needed to get too. Learned mistakes are a part of life.


4. Observe without judgment

5.  I can control my thoughts, my actions and my words.  That’s it.

6. In every moment, I have a choice.

7.  I am good enough,
worthy enough,
and loved.

8. How can I be of service?

9.  Honor my emotions.

10.  Be present.

BONUS: Have gratitude.

Take actions from today’s declutter your life blog on how to clear spiritual clutter.

  • What spiritual principles do you live by? Write them down and put them where you can see them.
  • Record any practices from today that seem like they would be a good fit.
  • Examine your life. Is there any area that needs attention and might benefit from spiritual principle?
  • Practice everyday enlightenment.

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