Cleaning Tips to Start Your Spring Off Right, Part 2

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Don’t forget to check out the first part of our blog that covers spring cleaning outside as well as mental and emotional clutter.

Cleaning Tips: Inside Spring Cleaning


Winter Clothes dry cleaners & coats, hats, gloves, boots put away or stored. Bring out any stored spring clothing. Remove items from closets, dust, sweep


Bedroom: flip & rotate mattresses Wash blankets comforters or get cleaned

Pillows air outside or get cleaned or no heat in the dryer.


Wash or dry-clean rugs. Wash & wax floors. Wipe down baseboards. Vacuum upholstery & draperies. Wipe leather furniture. Dust and wax wood furniture. Flip sofa & chair cushions.


More Cleaning Tips for Spring

Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans & mirrors. Dust or wash blinds. Have the curtains cleaned or use your vacuum cleaner attachments to do.


In the kitchen, remove from the pantry and let go of expired products, spices, teas, etc. wipe down and/or install shelf paper. Let go of anything you are not using even if they were a wedding gift.   Clean fridge & freezer. Empty out and clean. Vacuum coils behind the fridge.


Clean dryer vent.

Don’t Forget

Wash walls & doors (formula) kitchen and bathroom in particular. I have a rainbow vacuum cleaner and this has an attachment for this. Rainbow is environmentally friendly uses water and easy cleanup. By far, the best cleaner I have seen.


Bathroom: clean caulking, Disinfect and whiten toilets with bleach for xx minutes. Discard outdated medicine cabinets. Replace worn bath mats, shower curtains & liners or wash and dry. Deep cleaning prevents mold and mildew.


Change furnace filters as well as vent filters inside home. Clean heating & cooling vents & change air filters.


Check batteries smoke detectors, carbon monoxide. Do with changing of time. Get a fire extinguisher for kitchen if you don’t have one. Have a humidifier clean and store.


Spiritual Spring Cleaning


It’s a good time to take a life inventory in all areas of your life. Health, relationships, everything! Honestly evaluate where you are, where you want to go.


What needs to change? What needs to be released? Where can you improve? What goals can you set for yourself? Are you generally happy? How is your health? How are your relationships? Is your life balanced? How do you handle setbacks? Are you living your life’s purpose?


It may be painful but in the end great tool. You cannot change your life if you don’t acknowledge what is wrong. While your doing physical cleaning, think on some of these questions.


What indoor spring cleaning will you tackle this week? What’s your biggest spring cleaning challenge? What spiritual clutter will you release?

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