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blog Archives - Reawaken Your Brilliance

265: Feeling Energy

How can releasing energetic clutter release other clutter in your life? Where in your life do you have energetic clutter? When was the last time you evaluated your space to see how it felt? Learn [...]


264: Organizing Paperwork & Kids Art

Is your paperwork organized or is it a hot mess? Are you overwhelmed with all the art projects your kids bring home? Would you like to control paperwork and display artwork to have peace of mind? [...]


263: Creating A Successful Relationship

What personal development have you done to be a good partner? Have you thought about the baggage you may be bringing into a relationship? Why is honoring your emotions an important part of a [...]



Own Your Life Do you take responsibility for your words and actions? Where do you not own your life and blame others? How are you disempowering yourself by not taking responsibility? In this [...]


261: Empowerment Women Who Win Interview

Women Who Win Podcast interview. How can decluttering help you win and get through obstacles? What does it mean to be empowered? How can challenges lead to successes? Learn how to be empowered by [...]


260: Forget Me Not

Do you do a fall cleaning each year but wondering what you may be leaving out? When was the last time you cleaned your reusable bags? Could you be spreading bacteria when you don’t clean [...]


259: The Family Calendar

Have you forgotten an event for your child because calendars weren’t synched? Will a paper or electronic calendar work better for your family? Would you like to easily synch [...]

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