JUNE AWARENESS: Wipe The Slate Clean

Who do you need to forgive? Are you able to forgive easily or do you hold onto grudges? Would you like to have peace of mind? Learn how to clear some spiritual clutter. Certified life coach, [...]


Using Apps to Help with Spring Cleaning

Apps Spring Cleaning to Support You in Decluttering Your Life Technology and apps can support you with spring cleaning and clearing your clutter and getting organized. Take actions: Download any [...]


Spring Cleaning 2018

Did your New Year’s Resolution to get organized and clear clutter slip by the wayside? Are you tired of saying you will get organized and clear clutter but it never happens? When was the last [...]


220: MissionStatement I AM Possible

What’s your mission in life? How do you write a personal mission statement? Why would you want to define your purpose? Learn tips to pen your mission statement. Certified life coach, author [...]

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