Calling Out: Why Calling In Instead Builds Community

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Calling Out is Causing Your Clutter!


First, policing people and telling them what they’re doing wrong takes a lot of mental and energetic clutter. Second, it creates emotional and spiritual clutter, right? Mental energy dealing with responses like stinky social media posts or responding when someone calls you out. More often than not you become emotional and get upset. Everything is energy and calling out is just cranky, hateful energy. Finally, if you’re spiritual and trying to come from a place of love and oneness and when people act like this it can really challenge you. Dealing with calling out (or being the one called out is exhausting.


Next, take actions:

  • Understand why people would call out others.
  • Examine what behaviors of yours may want people to call you out
  • Recognize where you call out others
  • Be aware of your own wounds.
  • View calling in as a dialogue or conversation
  • Know you can walk away
  • Get yourself in a good frame of mind
  • Know your why
  • Focus on the behavior
  • Embrace the awkwardness.

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