Have your co-workers thought you weren’t ambitious because you had a messy desk? Did you lose a receipt from a recent business trip that you can’t submit for reimbursement or use for a tax deduction? How many hours do you spend each week looking for a file, your car keys or client contact information? Got office? Get organized!

Here are some statistics about office organization. What are your stats?

  • 87% of office workers say when their workspace is disorganized they feel they’re less productive than when their workspace is organized
  • 86% agree that having a disorganized workspace is unprofessional
  • 30% of workers have lost out on getting reimbursed business / travel expense because they misplaced / lost a receipt
  • It’s estimated that 38 working hours (close to 1 work week) per person each year lost looking for misplaced items
  • The estimated annual dollars spent on looking for misplaced items is $89,840,657,069 among full-time office professionals.

Source: http://www.brother-usa.com/ptouch/meansbusiness/#.VIjFuofuRK4 I can support you getting your office organized in the following ways:

  • Organizing your physical space to make sure you are using your space efficiently as well as being inspired to work in your space. While we’re on the topic of space, there are businesses out there who have made the choice to move into a new environment, in the hopes of increasing productivity, motivating staff and also grow the business. Even if you are just getting started with your own business, it may be worth doing some research into sites like https://sfofficespaces.com/industries/startup-office-space/ to get started. It’s never too early to create your ideal office environment.

  • Setting up work zones to make your projects/tasks/to do’s organized
  • Creating routines within your office space to get more done in less time
  • Decluttering and organizing your desk to maximize your space
  • Making a filing system that’s easy to maintain and has what you need at your fingertips
  • Organizing Your Computer so that you aren’t wasting time looking for things.
  • Clearing you office supply clutter and organizing it so you can find what you need when you need it and stock up before your run out of anything.

Don’t be embarrassed! Call 919.559.3925 to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation to learn how I can support you in clearing your office clutter and getting your office organized. I am available to consult with you via Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts on Air. Office Organization to Get Rid of Stress Julie has been a Godsend in helping me get my home organized. The clutter often gets the best of me, and I have found that I need someone to come in and hold my feet to the fire! With her help, I am able to purge lots of things that no longer have a place in my home or life, and create livable, multipurpose space. I feel ready to face the next phases of my life because there is space in my home (and heart, and head) for it. Recently, she has helped me get ready for the birth of my first child by sorting through tons of baby clothes that were given to me and reclaiming an extra bedroom to be the baby’s room. Just having her there to question me about objects not only makes me confident in my choices, it helps me question what I bring into my home after this, so I make smarter purchases! She is a joy to work with and the results are amazing. L. Poole, Durham

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