As an entrepreneur, I know what needs to be done to create a successful business. Many times, you have to wear many hats and operate on a limited budget. Being organized, focused and clear is an important part of success while also honoring yourself and passion.

While it is important to be aware of the competition, it is not my main focus in our sessions of entrepreneur coaching.  I concentrate on supporting you in being the best version of you and honing your skills and talents. Let’s focus on allowing you to share your gifts with the world.

I have helped other entrepreneurs with marketing, including press releases and product ideas; writing blogs, product descriptions and web pages; creating and producing a podcast and building confidence, getting organized and reducing their clutter in all areas of their lives.

Prior to your first session, I will send you a detailed assessment to fill out. This enables us to hit the ground running for your first session. I also assign homework and provide limited email support. At the end of completion of our work together, I provide you with a plan moving forward to keep up the momentum and to tackle challenges we have discovered.

I take a holistic approach when it comes to coaching for entrepreneurs. Something in your personal life might be affecting your business. Whatever is going on inside will be reflected on the outside. For example, if you are disorganized it might cause you to lose clients or if you don’t have strong boundaries you could allow a client to take advantage of you.

I will not work with entrepreneurs where there might be a conflict of interest (i.e. I would not coach two people who had a very similar focus in their business.)

Ready to move forward in your business? Call 919.559.3925 to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation! I am available to work with you for entrepreneur coaching via Skype, Google Hangouts on Air, FaceTime, by phone.

Entrepreneur Coaching

I used to have ‘clean office’ on my daily to do list.  I would approach the door, look in, turn around and shut the door.  With the fast pace that my business is growing I knew I’d have to finally get it done and cross it off my list.  In the past I’d done it on my own only to end up with piles everywhere and a huge mess again in less than a week.  When I finally decided I needed some help, Julie and I got started emptying out the mess.  She really spent time learning about me and how I learn and see things, and she had some amazing ideas to help me stay on top of my to do list, eliminate the dreaded piles and make my space a wonderful place to be and work and someplace I wouldn’t mind bringing clients to.  I have been able to maintain order for a couple months now with only a weekly sweep needed.  Thanks Julie!

Tracie Merwitzer, Raleigh, NC

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