Let’s do some life decluttering today by looking at how your expectations are influencing your life.

Have you ever had great expectations and then they didn’t come to fruition?  How can our expectations hinder us?  Why can we let go the expectations of others? Learn how to release expectations.

Inspired because I get in trouble when I have all these expectations and they don’t turn out the way I want. And then I’m angry, frustrated, sad and/or heartbroken. That’s not a fun place to be.

I love this quote from Anne LaMotte “Expectations are resentments under construction.”  I sometimes think I need to tattoo this!  Great quote and true.

There is no reason for me to get upset over something I can’t control. Being upset about somebody else’s actions only slows me down.

Why do we have expectations?

We assume, our trouble begins here, that people have the same thought process as we do.

Usually what happens as we begin to have these expectations, our emotions come out. No matter what you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Always will have some emotions.  So, if we are super excited or really sad, we would think others would be the same way, too.

We have to remember that people think and react differently. What others do and say is about them. How we respond is about us. Think how boring life would be if we all looked, acted and through the same.

Focus on understanding and having compassion towards others. I don’t always get my clients way of thinking, but I respect it and don’t try to change it.

We have ulterior motives.  If we like to control things, this will be especially true. We are looking to get the outcome we want that works for us, not taking into consideration the other person.

We mistakenly hitch our happiness to what someone will do or say. Our ego, or beliefs, run what we think people should, do or say. This is the root of disappointment.

You believe people shouldn’t steal the name of your product. The reality is you may lose or maybe the Universe takes care of it in one way or another.

Your belief that your boyfriend should love you unconditionally. The truth is he wasn’t loved as a child and he is incapable of giving you what you need.


How can you let go of expectations?

Examine your motivation. Be honest. Don’t judge yourself, focus on finding the truth. Your motivation is the foundation of your thoughts and actions. When you discover what your motivations are see if that helps release expectations.

Start building up your happiness on something you do have control over: your thoughts and beliefs. What do you need to be happy?  What inspired action can you take?

Think of your expected outcome and the worst- case scenario. Are you okay with anything less than your ideal result? Can you live with it?

Be present When you aren’t present, disappointment happens. you’re letting your thoughts and stories about what the other person should have done, or what will happen now because of a perceived slight, or why you deserve to be angry, take you out of the now and down a path that is full of rejection and fear.

You won’t find peace if you are always expecting others to give you what they need with their actions or words.  Create your own happiness and let go of the shoulds.   Tony robbins don’t should all over yourself.

Quit assuming.  Express yourself. They aren’t a mind reader. Tell them what you are looking for.

Don’t think you know what others think say or feel, their thought processes.  Ask questions.  Have courage and start a conversation.

Don’t take things too seriously or too personally. Your expectations are yours only. The same goes for every one else—their judgments and opinions are theirs.   Others do and say is about them, how you respond is about you.

Heart In Hand

You can move in the direction that’s right for you without personalizing what others say or do.

Love yourself.  Don’t look to others to fulfll your needs.  Do you. Haters gonna hate let them go.

Love the person. Loving and respecting others means allowing them to be themselves.  When you stop expecting people to be a certain way, you can begin to appreciate THEM.

Pay close attention, and respect people for who they are and not for who you want them to be.  We are all on individual journeys. Honor theirs.

Practice loving-kindness. Loving them as is.  Don’t expect change or be okay.  They are on their own journey.

Take inspired action. Act from your heart, not your mind.

Let it go.  saying or doing something and then completely forgetting about it. You don’t sit round waiting

Have faith that things turn out for the best.  Accept the outcome as is while remaining open on what to do next.

When you let go of your expectations of others, you free yourself from attachment to specific results that are beyond your control. You can move forward with ease and clarity.

You interact genuinely, without hidden motives or disappointment. You become better equipped at embracing what others have to offer. Your newfound freedom creates opportunities for you to be of service to others in more intuitive and authentic ways.


Take actions from today’s decluttering life blog on expectations.

  • Write down where you have the most expectations in your life right now.
  • Create a plan, based on suggestions, to let go of expectations.
  • Love yourself in some fun, new way.
  • Practice loving kindness towards people when they don’t meet your expectations.

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