Read part 1 of my blog on tips for traveling with kids from July 5th.

Travel Tips Children: Packing!

I was reading an article on and they had an article 14 Family Travel Mistakes not to make. #7 was “The only thing worse than a long flight is a long flight with kids, so don’t ever come unprepared.” We have you covered today for 7 tips today!


Make a checklist of must-have (stuffed animals, pacifiers, clothing, toys, books, etc.) Go through your day morning, noon and night and record what you need to pack. Have one person be in charge of packing. Keep the checklist on your phone, or your computer, so you can easily update. After each trip, update it with what you needed and what you forgot.


Pack a change of clothes that is easily accessible if a child gets sick or spills something.


Make sure to pack drinks and snacks and have extras, like diapers and wipes on hand. If your plane is delayed, you don’t want to worry about running out of diapers.


I always take a little medicine cabinet with hand sanitizer, aspirin, cough drops, a pair of tweezers, and Band-Aids to deal with any minor sickness. If you use a sling to carry your child, make sure you pack that.

Travel Tips Children: Camp Considerations


Find out how often clothes are washed at camp so you have an idea of how much to pack. Include an extra pillowcase to put dirty laundry in so you’ll have all the dirty clothes in one place. My mother still does this!


The camp should also provide a list of recommended clothing your child will need for all activities which might include sports, dress up for dances, or theme days such as dress as your favorite character. Consider sending older clothes as they might take a beating and purchasing new clothes upon return.


Also ask if you need to provide towels, sheets, blankets and pillows.


I always check the weather before I travel to get an idea of what to expect. I am a huge fan of weather underground. Remember that temps can still get cool at night and to pack a jacket, hat and possibly gloves. I worked in Maine during my college summers and it could get cold at night.


If you go to camp every summer, keep a master checklist of what you take. At the end of camp, when you return make notes of anything that needs to be added or deleted.

Have your child pack with you so they know what they are bringing and they don’t forget anything important like a journal. I suggest packing two to three weeks in advance to make it easier. If you wait until the last minute, you might forget something.


Put your child’s name or initials on everything with sew-on labels or a laundry marker.


Have a small carry on basket for toiletries that can easily be taken to and from the shower. Also include flip-flops!


Let the camp know about any medicines your child might need to take. Send the medicines in the original container, which should include all important information. Write out any explicit instructions. Some camps may also require a signed medical release form.


Finally, some other items you might want to pack: insect repellant, sunscreen, calamine lotion, lip balm, snacks, games, and water bottle.

Takeaways from both blog on Travel Tips Children:

  • For babies and young children, Make a checklist of must-have (stuffed animals, pacifiers, clothing, toys, books, etc.) Go through your day morning, noon and night and record what you need to pack. Have one person be in charge of packing.
  • Look for family-friendly hotels. Trip Advisor is great. If you see a lot of college kids commenting how they love the place, you probably aren’t going to want to stay there! When you reserve your room ask for a crib and ask about babysitting services.
  • Spend time with your children. Even if you are tired, be aware of what your children are doing and make sure they aren’t disturbing other passengers (nothing like a child kicking your seat while you are trying to sleep)


What packing tips can you use? What are your best packing tips? How are you most looking forward to spending time with your family?


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